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FS: a TON of old Apple RAM... Performa.. PPC... *shrug

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by mulletman13, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Hey guys... up for sale is 36 sticks of RAM from various old Macs. I recieved these from my uncle who works at a school, and got these as they were about to be thrown out, so I assume they are from some pretty old macs. These are the various kinds I have in this picture:


    Post here for questions or PM me... I'd like to just let go of this entire lot for not too much, just curious if anybody needs some old RAM.

    Thanks in advance!
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    do you have any for a performa 6400 180 603e
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    Looking for memory for a 145b powerbook or an LCIII
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    Sorry if I wasn't clear in the first post, but I have absolutely no idea what PPCs this ram will fit in. I just want to get rid of it to find a different home.

    The different varieties in that picture, are the different varieties I have, so if they look like the RAM you'd need, it probably is. Just throw out offers for the entire box of RAM (36 sticks of various things), if you can use some, great, if you can't, try to sell it somewhere else, I'm just curious if anybody wants this giant 'grab bag' of sorts.

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    hmmmm Ill give you $10
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    Hrmm i could do 10+ shipping easily, unless anybody has a better offer by monday :)... and if you'll agree to 10+shipping (i assume you meant 10 shipped)
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    Ill give you $12 shipped.
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    15 shipped?
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    So far the $15 is leading :)

    Any other bids?... I guess this officially 'Closes' this Tuesday at 10pm CST

    Thanks :D
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    me toooo

    I'll go $20.00 plus frt.
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    Okay, just reminding everyone auction closes at 10pm CST tonight, increments in whole dollars. Thanks!

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