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FS: Almost new 20 gig color screen ipod with iskin and itrip

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by blueflame, Dec 14, 2005.

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    this is in the box, has never not been in an dlo skin case, its perfect looking. and almost not used. i dont know exactly what price to ask for since the new 30 gigs are 299, but thats what i want. i rarly listen to music, but i watch alot of movies, so this thing has basically been sitting in its box. it comes with the skin, and the ipod with all its accessories.basically perfect. Also inclues an itrip
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    sorry to break it to u but i just sold the exact same thing nut bw for 165 shipped, so ur not gonna get that much.. maybe 220 at most..
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    ok, then...

    im asking 220 for it then.
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    trades i have a way ton of cool stuff
    i would be really interested then
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    i really cant accpept tades bc im looking to get a 5g. im going to china for school soon, and i really want to be able to watch videos
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    I'll offer $165 shipped for the ipod
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    i really think

    200 is fair. I just wont be able to afford anything, plus this is coming with the extras, and i guarantee that it is in perfect and i mean pristine condition I would even give the money back if your not satisfied with its perfect condition.
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    what about 190 with the itrip and 180 without the itrip. i am very interested, could you send me pics to my email that is in my profile pleas!
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    hey im sorry wnamoth

    i have to get at least 200 for the setup, if it were just a matter of trying to sell it i would accept your offer, but as an earlier post suggested, it will go for about 220, and i found things similar to that price on ebay. one thing i can say, is that i feel that here it is more of a community, and i think it may be a bit safer. if you are intersted for 200, it is there for you. but I cant accpet lower. im sorry. but thank you for your interest.
    PS: will will post pictures later tonight, i have to borrow my friends digital camera.
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    what kind of iTrip is it? the original one, or the one with the LCD display on it?
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    okay i will think about it, could you possibly hold it till like saturday?
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    we are working out a deal, i haven't heard from you in roughly 2 days regarding our deal, i can send 150US now and then the other 50US on saturday..

    please consider this sold.....
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    i shocked how much the 4g colors are going for with the 5g(and the 4g was FW support!)

    o well

    (free bump for you):)
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    okay i am wanting to send payment, what is your paypal address?
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    I would really like to send payment, so you can ship it out long before you leave to relieve more stress in the moving transition. i just need your paypal address, then you can ship it to my paypal home address/


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