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FS: Apple BT keyboard/mouse,DS Animal Crossing/Mario Kart

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by 0s and 1s, Dec 16, 2005.

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    0s and 1s

    BT kb/m and AC/MK DS games are SOLD!!!

    FS: Tiger Woods '06 for the Xbox 360: $40 shipped!

    Thanks for the prompt payments. Games are shipped; kb/m will be shipped tomorrow.

    I appreciate the interest and offers. Happy holidays!
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    I'll gladly take the mouse and keyboard off your hands. How about $50 shipped? Also, how long have you had them, any wear&tear. And pictures would be great. PM me ASAP need these FAST.
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    0s and 1s

    .......just PMed yah.
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    i am interested in the keyboard, taking any trades or just straight cash?
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    0s and 1s

    I'm open to trades. Let me see if this deal goes through. I'll keep you updated.

    I appreciate the interest.
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    Pm replied.
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    okay, please let me know if this deal falls through i am very interested if it is a trade or a direct sale!!!! i just bought a icestation and i don't have even i wired keyboard to use with it, so it is being occupied by my newest issue of macworld!

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    Does the keyboard have any wear and tear? If the deals or trades fall thru I am prepared to pay cash for the keyboard. Cash -- paypal.
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    PM'd you about mario kart.

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    PM Replied.
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    I want the Nintendo DS Animal Crossing game. Pm'd you and I can pay Paypal tonight!
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    If you still have the Mario Kart available, I'd take that too. But I definitely want Animal Crossing.
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    Paypal sent for Animal Crossing. Thanks a bunch!
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    Is the keyboard still for sale? If so, I'll take it...
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    I sent the paypal for Mario Kart Sat. afternoon....thanks :)

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    do you STILL have the keyboard? i am interested, could you post pics, so i can see the wear on it?
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    0s and 1s

    Sorry for not responding sooner. I was bored and decided to drive to Las Vegas last night. Anyway, here are the updates:

    Animal Crossing: sold.
    Mario Kart: sold.
    Apple BT keyboard/mouse: Sale pending. I have to take pictures, and the interested buyer will most likely purchase the set.

    Tiger Woods '06 Xbox 360: Still available! $40 Shipped.

    Thanks for the interest!
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    Phew, I thought you forgot ;)
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    If the deal falls through on the BT KB and mouse, let me know. I live in Los Angeles and could pick it up and pay cash.
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    0s and 1s

    Here are some shots of the mouse and keyboard. mrzeve is first in line, and we SHOULD have the deal completed by tonight. I will update as soon as I can.

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    0s and 1s

    mrzeve: CLEAR your PM box! I'm trying to send my paypal address! :)
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    So sorry! Didnt realize 70 was the limit.
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    i can pay paypal for the keyboard!!!!
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    Payment sent.
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    0s and 1s


    All SOLD except TW06 for the 360. It's $40 shipped.

    It's a great deal for the greatest golf game in the woooooorld! :p

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