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FS: Apple iSight and Microsoft Office 2004

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by jdogg707, Mar 20, 2005.

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    My Inventory:

    Apple iSight Firewire Webcam w/Autofocus: SOLD

    The iSight itself is on perfect shape! The unit comes with the iSight Camera, Firewire Cable, Plastic Holster for iSight, Warranty information, all three mounts. and installation CD all in the original retail box. This is the revision A iSight, which just means that it does not include the mounts for the new aluminum displays. The camera works beautifully and is the best webcam I have ever owned!

    Microsoft Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition: SOLD

    Includes Entourage, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The item is in perfect condition and includes three unique product keys so that it may installed on up to three computers. This is certainly the best office suite for the Mac, and does show a good amount of improvement over Office V.X!

    Payment Details

    - Pictures are available upon request

    - I have heatware under jaredmabry and eBay Feedback under litercola77.

    - Office is shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation

    - I accept Non-CC Paypal and Money Orders.

    - I can most easily be contacted via PM or E-Mail (jaredmabry@charter.net)

    Thanks for looking! And as always, bumps are appreciated!
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    Price drop bump!
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    was the price drop edited in or are you waiting for someone to show interest?
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    Are there any other differences in iSights between rev. A and C other than the mounts it comes with?

    How would you feel about shipping to Canada?
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    Jared, I'm interested in your copy of Office. Actually, I'm interested in your iSight too, but I seem to keep slapping myself and reminding myself that I have no need for one. :D

    What is "non-CC paypal?" I don't quite understand that. Does that mean that I can use PayPal, but I have to transfer cash into my account using some method other than a credit card? Can I use the electronic funds transfer thing that Paypal set up recently?
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    I sent you PM on the iSight.
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    Paypal takes out a chunk to themselves when you use a CC. Its a pain in the ass for any seller.
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    I sent you a PM about this. Thanks for the interest!
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    I have a good amount of interest in the iSight and will be getting back in touch with people to let them know they can purchase it or whether it has already sold.

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    As always, edited in.
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    Last Price Drop before eBay!
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    I'm going to take the opportunity to PM you. :D
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    Everything has been sold, thanks!

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