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FS: Apple store ipod nano t-shirts

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by khisayruou, Nov 30, 2005.

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    I have one LARGE left now.

    These are the official ones that the apple store employees wear.
    They all are brand new, never been worn, made by american apparel.
    They are black with 'ipod nano' on the front. '1,000 songs impossibly small' on the back and an apple logo on the left sleeve.

    Large (approx. 21.5 inches across, 29 inches in length)

    Only $16 shipped via usps priority to lower 48 states.
    Accept non cc paypal.

    If your interested, send a PM.

    I have heatware under khisayruou

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    Can you post pcitures? Also, do you know what the size 5 would be in terms of XL, XXL,... XXXXXL? Thanks
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    I am interested in the XL shirt.
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    I have no idea what size 5 means (that is what is printed on the tag),
    my best guess is XXXXXL.
    The best I could do was measure the shirt out...hopefully that would
    help you guys out.
    *EDIT Moved picture to first post.
    Pictures of the front, one is the L, other is the size 5.

    sleaze247...i sent you a pm.
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    the 5 one seems to be much much wider, it is probably 5X XL LOL
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    i wish you had a medium or small
    then ide buy one
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    iPod Nano Shirt

    I will take the 5XL shirt for $15 shipped via paypal. let me know if you still have it.

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    lol. I would love to walk into an apple store wearing one of those :) I would take a large but I would have to set up a paypal account :(
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    Updated thread. Two shirts left now!
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    2 LRGE?

    If so, how about $15 shipped for one? or $25 + shipping for two
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    I'm interested in the large one. How much for it shipped to 94303 via USPS?
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    sent you a private message. thanks.
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    Price for a large to the Philadelphia metro?
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    And the zip code there would be......??

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    What sizes do you have left again? 5xxxxxxxl only? or large?
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    Alright, I now have two more large and I still have the 5XL.
    These make great holiday gifts...somebody take them!!
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    sent ya pm on the biggen
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    I have these shirts as well (from my stint working at apple) and I have to say, they are the best shirts we ever got. Very smooth and durable fabric. Lightweight but not cheap.

    If I didn't already own two fo these, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Very sexy shirts, small print and logos. Excellent shirts.
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    5XL is gone, thanks robo74
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    Awww yea.... your welcome... and just for the record folks, I am going to try and shrink it down to a 3X.. my belly is not that big just yet :D

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    Only two more to go, lets get these last two out of here!
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    Got my shirt today. This macrumors member is good on there word.

    Its a pretty cool shirt!

    Thanks again!

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    If you happen to get a 5xl again I'd like to get it. I have a buddy that has about 3 apple shirts and they're all XL, he needs something a bit bigger.
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    Do you have an XL shirt? I have broad shoulders, not husky at all.

    A large would do OK, I guess...
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    Odds are I won't be getting another one, but I will keep an eye on it.

    Sorry, I only have Large right now.

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