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FS: B&W parts, CPU Upgrade ect ect

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by SmurfBoxMasta, Dec 25, 2005.

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    #1: A motherboard from a revision 2 Blue & White G3 tower. It is in perfect working order and ready to install components onto. It's onboard connectors support 2x ATA Hard drives, 1 optical drive, 1 Zip drive, 4 pci cards (w/1 dedicated for Video), and 4x 256mb of PC100/133 SDRAM. Built-in ports include 1x- 10/100 Ethernet, 1x- 56k modem, 2x USB & 2x Firewire ports, 1x ADB, 1 sound in & 1 sound out. It has been disassembled and thoroughly cleaned with the utmost care.

    This rev 2motherboard has the new ATA controller chip that allows for 2 hard drives to be used without data corruption or transfer problems. See here http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/G3-ZONE/y...wfeatures.html for more details

    It does NOT include a CPU, heatsink, Video Card, Ram or any other components. Although not pictured, the Firewire & internal modem modules ARE included, I only removed them for better photo clarity.

    See it here:

    Price: $45.00/OBO

    #5: 200watt Power Supply unit from a B&W tower. Works great but no longer needed.
    See it here: http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/626/bwpsuback0hq.jpg
    Price: $15.00/OBO

    $50.00 shipped for both :)

    Please PM me or post back here if interested

    Thanks :D

    edited to add/delete items :)
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    good man here
    buy his stufff
    good luck selling
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    edited to add/delete items :)
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    bumpr 4 price drops :)
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    I will buy the case. I get back home on the 30th, and will PayPal you the money then. Please PM me with a PayPal address. Thanks.
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    Do I need any special software for that OWC G4? I have a PowerMac G3 350 there and I'd like some more power for watching video. AltiVec helps so much for watching video.

    How'd you paint that case too? I'd like to do that myself. :D
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    All you have to do is apply a firmware patch that allows the logic board to use a G4 processor, and you'll be good to go. :)
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    Damn, all that I have is 10.4 on it. Will it work in 10.4 or do I need 9.2.2? I can get ahold of it.

    I don't want to lose my 10.4 either!
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    The G4 card has already been sold. But no, you dont need any special software to run one, however, if installing into a B&W G3, you must first patch the Firmware, using an OS 9-based patcher on OWC's site.

    As for the paint job, I disassembled all the parts, cleaned & dryed them, then painted them on the INSIDE surfaces with Valspar Gloss enamel, Royal Blue #08316 (yea the $7/can stuff) (that was 3+ years ago) Still have 1/2 can left! I masked off the "G3" under the plastic side panel and used the same paint for it too.....

    For the Apple inserts, handle screws, and the buttons, I used a Gloss White Porcelean Repair paint sold at Lowes/Depot for touching up steel/cast iron bathtubs & sinks :)
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    Oh well thanks anyways. I'm trying to convert my brother to the Mac. He's really into analog to video capturing. I loaned him my spare Power Mac G3 B&W just to try out Tiger and web browse. He has the virus ridden POS Compaq Pentium II for web browsing. It's SO slow. The Power Mac is faster than it. :eek:
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    Yeah, you'd need 9.2.2 installed to apply the patch, so you'll either have to temporarily install it on your main hard drive or install it on another partition or hard drive. As long as you can boot into 9.2.2 without a cd and run the fw updater, it will work fine.
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    PII POS Compcrak.....like eewwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you're workin on him to convert :)
    Keep up the good work, and if you do paint your case, please post pics for us to see ..........
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    I was thinking about a red color scheme for mine. It makes sense since its name is Yagami. :cool:
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    YGPM :)
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    that would be s w e e t ! :rolleyes:
    needs pics 4 sure......
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    updated list, several items sold :)
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    How much for the board without the RAM? Dont have much use for the RAM, but would like the board for my PMG4 Yikes to take it back to Rev2. (Was bought on eBay with a bad logic board)
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    YGPM :p
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    Bought the case! I'll leave some feedback here when it arrives. :)
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    shipping out tommorrow by UPS :)

    Thanks for the business !
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    removed sold items, reduced prices on remaining 2 items :)
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    Power Supply

    Do you still have the power supply for sale?
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    Zombie Thread ATTACK! :eek:
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    Maxwell Smart

    WOW is this thread old.....
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    I have a few of these power supplies floating around.

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