FS: Beige PowerMac G3 upgraded to 533 MHz.

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    Well it has come time to let my baby go. I have upgraded the G3 as follows:


    PowerMac G3 266 to an OWC G3 ZIF 550/533. Runs at 533 in the Beige G3, and at 550 in a B/W G3.


    I haven't had this computer hooked up in about a month or so, but last can remember it had two sticks: 128MB+64MB= 192MB

    Video Card

    I have a ATI Radeon 7000 PCI video card in it, with 32MB VRAM on it. This card enables Quartz in MAC OS X. This card has been updated to the latest software, and Firmware.

    PCI Cards

    1) ATI Radeon 7000
    2) 2 port USB card [i used it for my mouse+printer]
    3) LinkSys Wireless WMP54G [B+G compatible] Works with Airport software in OS X 10.2.6 and up.

    Hard Drive

    Has an 40GB HD. Hard Drive partitions as follows:

    Mac OS X > 8GB > Main partition with OS on it
    Ranaldo > 30GB > Applications, and iTunes music folder


    1. A/V card
    2. Everything listed above, and keyboard and mouse which came with the tower.
    3. Factory CD-ROM upper bay
    4. CD-RW Drive, second bay, from a Digital Audio G4

    Optional: I can get the internal 56K modem that came with this tower if you need it, otherwise is not included [not pictured]

    There is some rust, and faded sections on the door, i bought the door used from some idiot on eBay who must have smoked, but of than that the rest of the tower is in great condition.

    Make me an offer if you are intrested. I am intrested in getting $200 for this shipped with insurance. I still have the original box the tower came in so it should ship in great condition.

    Thanks for looking, Ryan

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    Are you willing to part it out? I would love to make my old B&W wireless and give it a new video card. PM me if you're interested. :)
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    let me get back with you on that. i just posted it to another forum, and someone seemed intrested in it. So, let me send him an PM to see if he would want the video card, and wireless card with it.
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    Thank you!
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    PM sent
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    and replied=)

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