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FS: Brand New 85w Magsafe Macbook Pro Adapter

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by chosenwolf, Nov 28, 2006.

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    Hi, for sale is a brand new 85W Magsafe Adapter. It comes with a brand new extension cable.

    Asking $55 + Shipping. I accept and prefer paypal. Please search for my previous sales! I ship the same day I receive payment.

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    aahhh crappp. if only this was listed 2 days ago before i bought one off of ebay. coulda just picked it up cuz i think we're in the same area. oh well. good luck! this is a good price. :D
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    Are these compatible with Macbooks?
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    Hi guys,

    AFAIK, the macbook is a 65w so I think they are different model. This should work on ALL Macbook Pro models.

    Here is a picture, it's still in shrink wrapping:

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    I received quite a few PM's regarding the Part Number.

    The Part Number is: MA357LL/A
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    This product is fully compatible with MacBooks. Macbooks charge at 65 watts, b ut it wll not overpower your MacBook. :)
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    All PM's replied too.
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    This is true, when I brought my MacBook into the genius bar, they put it on a MacBook Pro charger (85W) it just helps charge it faster seeing as it's more than the normal 65W.
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    SOLD! Thanks everyone

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