FS: CHEAP PB 12" 1.33, 768, w/ problems

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by MikeLaRiviere, Dec 21, 2005.

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    Very used but still functional Powerbook 12" 1.33 GHz, 768 MB RAM, 60 GB HD, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth. Combo drive non-functional, period key missing (but useable, probably easily replaceable), dents.

    This Powerbook is still my primary computer... my entire life is on this computer, and its problems have certainly not prevented me from using it all the time (for typing, photo editing, music, non-DVD movies, etc.). Other than what I specified above, the computer's fully functional, and battery life's still good (2+ hours, could be higher).

    Offer me whatever you think it's worth... I have no idea what its market value might be, so I'll just go with the highest bid (alright, to be realistic, I'd say it's worth between $100 and $700). If you want to see photos, let me know and I'll take some and send you them.
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    PMing you an offer
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    By the way, I have cash in hand and can send it immediately if you accept my offer.
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    i could give you a nice condition, fully working mac in trade for it
    many to choose from
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    I will trade an almost new ipod nano + apple wall charger ($39 option) + some cash :)
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    pm'ed you
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    PMd ya, let me know
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    Up to $450

    Highest bid is currently $450
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    Could you post pictures of the problems you've described.
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    sent another PM...
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    I should be able to get pictures up tomorrow. My VGA phone camera will give enough detail. I'll put up a picture of the left and right side of the case, computer opened and powered on, which will show the dents and the missing period key. Any other pics requested?
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    Choo gots PM
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    That sounds good. I'd just like to see it, as just saying "dents" is kind of vague.
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    Want more? Lemme know.

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