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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by blueflame, Dec 28, 2005.

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    hello all, i just switched to cingular to join my familys plan, and now have my cingular razr left serviceless. It works pefectly, never had a single problem with it. It comes with 2 batteries (which by the way, were stupidly expensive, if you ever buy one, dont get it from the cingular store) anyway, it comes with the phone the charger, and 2 batteries. it is in used condition, but looks very nice. the screens are near perfect. the everything that is metal is also perfect, there are a few small scrathes on the back bottom where it is made of plastic. anyway, im thinking about getting $120 for it. so, feel free to PM me or reply to this post.
    EDIT: it is silver
    thanks everyone.
    PS: this site is so wonderful, whenever i need to buy something i look here first now, something about a community and trusting mostly mac users is so nice
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    Blueflame is a great person to deal with:)
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    Andreas, good luck with your sale.

    FWIW, it might be valuable to say what color it is, since it comes in more than one color.... :)
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    thank you

    thank you wanmeth, again, i am very sorry about the ipod.
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    PM sent!
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    PM Sent
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    The Razr Is sold
    thanks everyone
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    someone got a great deal on a nice phone! :)
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    bluefame was a great seller - sent everything fast and as promised. Thanks!

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