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    I had been looking to buy an external HDD on these forums for some time, and finally pieced one together this week. However, a friend from college is now offering me a great deal on a 250gig drive, so I am selling this 120gig one.

    Bytecc ME-740U2F Case
    -External Power Supply included, but not required
    -No problems mounting in OSX (tested)
    -Sleek aluminum design reduces heat
    WD 3.5" HDD
    -7200 RPM
    -8mb cache

    The case also has a blue status LED, but it is really bright so I have disconnected it. I can reconnect it if you wish. The drive will come with the original box for the case, and all of the cables/documentation. (PIctures follow at end of post)
    Price: $100

    I am also selling this 256mb stick of PC3200 memory that I just pulled from my Mac mini.

    -Hynix brand
    -PC 3200
    -400 MHz
    -CL 3
    -256 MB

    Price: $25

    PM me or e-mail me at bradley[dot]haveman[at]hope[dot]edu with questions or offers.
    Ebay ID: debroglie867

    BTW, that is a cat hair on the enclosure, there are no scratches :)
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    I'd offer you $22 for the RAM shipped.


    That's a nice Hard Drive by the way ;)
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    Sent you a PM about the RAM

    Yeah, it is nice;) (keysersoze sold me the HDD, if anyone was wondering)
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    Memory sold for 22 shipped

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