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FS/FT 12in 1.33/60GB/768MB/SD/AE

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by robo74, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Applecare started 7/1/04.. So this unit is less then a month old!
    Came to me as a refub unit.
    No dead pixels, no scratches... great machine.

    Now.. my story:
    I sold my tower to get a laptop as I have taken a position in my company that requires a good amount of travel. Well, since I travel often the company thought I should have a laptop.. but not my own, so they purchased me a (cough) PC laptop. I wont travel with two machines, so now I am going to try and get back to a desktop so I have a good machine for when I am at home.

    So, if someone is inerested in a purchase, then I think this machine is worth $1600 since I have added a OWC 512mb stick of ram.

    What I would be willing to trade for.
    I am looking for something with a Dual processot atleast Dual 1ghz or above and it should be decked out. Also willing to look at a deal for a G5. imacs and emacs or anything under 1ghz need not apply unless you can really make it a good trade.

    I can be contacted here or at robo74 (@) charter.net

    Also, I am located near Chicago for a local deal in IL/WI
    Possibly other states as well.

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    Sent PM.
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    Still open to suggestions.

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    Last bump before eBay.

    Anyone?...thoughts.. suggestions?

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    Goes on eBay starting tomorrow..
    Last Chance

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