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FS/FT: 17" Dell 9300/ Apple iBook

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by nickelbackmac, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Dell specs:

    17" WXGA screen

    DVD/RW and CD/RW drive

    XP Media Center

    6 USB Ports

    Internal Dell wireless card

    Internal Bluetooth adapter

    512MB RAM

    60GB HD

    2.22 GHz Intel Mobile Centrino

    --up for sale/trade just give me an offer--

    Apple iBook specs:

    G3, 10GB HD

    512MB RAM

    12" screen


    OS X 10.3.9

    Free Targus carrying case (it holds 2 laptops)

    Currently in the process of upgrading it to:

    120GB HD

    2GB RAM



    If possible, I will try installing a G4 processor

    Just tell me if you want it before upgrading it or if you want it after upgrading...

    --up for sale/trade just give me an offer--

    Post here or PM me with interests! :p
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    What's the processor speed on that iBook? Or are you looking to trade for one? Confused. :confused:
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    I'm pretty sure it's 500MHz. I bought it at a local pawn shop without boxes, manuals, documents, but I just checked the "About this Mac" and it's 500 MHz...
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    What are you looking to get on the iBook, it's pretty low spec'd, I'm looking for one for parts I need - what is your lowest asking price?
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    Well, I don't want to sound like a high pricer so that's why I want just offers. What parts do you need? I'd be glad to sell them individually...
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    I am confused

    You cannot upgrade an iBook to anything near what you commented on.

    It will not take a G4, it will never hold 2GB of memory.

    Are you sure you have an iBook?
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    Yes, unless my display is wrong, it says iBook. And so does the "About this Mac". Look, I don't like Macs too much and that is why I'm getting rid of this. Everything under my sig. is another family members. The iBook was my first Mac and it was horrible, so I want to get it upgraded and sell it so I won't have to see it anymore. If I can't upgrade it to 2GB of RAM, then I will try to do the maximum of what it CAN do, if it can do anything at all. I believe I said "If possible, I will upgrade it to a G4 processor". I had no idea if I could or not. But, I believe the SuperDrive is possible. I don't know why I'm explaining this all, I'm just going to upgrade it to a good machine (if possible)... Then sell it for maybe a better Mac.
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    whoa, easy there. A. won't work, B. would be $300 bucks worth of stuff in a $150 dollar laptop, C. since you posted some wacked out upgrade specs, i would guess that you haven't taken one of these mean little white things apart before meaning this will probably end in, D. likely to damage/kill a slow but still functional ibook.

    sell it. now. for whatever you can get for it. better luck on ebay i think if you can. proceed with plan b (buy something newer) using fundige from old ibook sale.

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    Look, I was trying to be 'helpful'

    Good luck.
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    Well I'd be interested in the whole thing, what is it worth to you?
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    OK, from the advice from you guys, no upgrading will be taken. Instead, I will leave it as it is and take offers. Thanks to you all, I saved my iBook from death. The iBook stays the same!

    Thank you, my iBook probably would've suffered damage if it wasn't for your post.
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    Ryan T.

    what condition is the iBook in? If you have a price in mind, PM me.
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    Did you decide who you were going to sell it to yet? My offer (both the original and the updated) are still standing.

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