FS/FT: 20GB iPod (2nd gen)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by hellodon, Jun 17, 2006.

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    I have a 20GB iPod that I rarely use and I will be upgrading with the next model. This is firewire and for mac only (unless you want to unlock it and format it for PC)

    I'd like to trade for a PSP if possible. I just had a trade for one fall through because the person locally that wanted to trade had a giant scratch on the screen of the psp and I didnt like that.

    Also I will consider other trades.

    I'm not exactly sure what these go for these days....so if you're just looking to buy, make an offer.

    Here are some pics. It's been well cared for an I have everything.
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    I paid $50 for a 1st Gen 10gb, I'll offer $75.
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    And I thought my 10 GB 2nd Gen was fat.

    FatPod to the max!
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    if they are both the same generation, they should be the same size...hmmm.
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    No, mines single platter, yours is double.
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    What's the battery life like?
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    :eek:rgasm: those are the best ipods made ever.. If I was in the market, I'd snap that sucker up for $75.. Sadly I just don't need a 4th iPod.

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