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FS/FT: boxing day blowout!! tons of mac stuff

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by biohazard6969, Dec 25, 2005.

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    ok, i got some things lying around i need to get rid of, i'm bad at pricing so make me an offer on anything, i'm fairly open to trades but would really like to get a nice gaming PC.


    game boy advance SP with a ton of games (title available upon request)

    IMac G3 600mhz
    768 mb ram
    40 GB hard drive
    16 MB vram vid card
    some burns on the speaker (don’t ask)

    iMac G3 400 mhz
    128MB RAM
    15 GB HD
    something is wrong with it, it won’t boot up, maybe could be salvaged for parts

    iPod 3G 15 GB
    LOTS of scratches, I’ll be honest

    TONS of gamecube games, ask for a list if interested, I’d rather not type it out if theres no interest

    Sony Vaio wired keyboard and mouse (PC only)

    Gameboy Advance SP with a ton of games (again, ask for specifics)

    IPod Shuffle 1GB a couple scratches but nothing major

    ISight like new, original box and everything

    Unreal tournament 2004 For mac w/original packaging

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    EDIT: can't sell hotdrive, sorry
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    How much for these 3?
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    ill give you 50 for the HD.

    PM me!
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    uhhhhhhh 350? i'm bad at pricing but i think that sounds good....
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    how much for just the powerbook?
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    i'd like to get aobut $200 for it
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    How much for just the HD?
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    ok adding to the list a Game Boy Advance SP with a TON of games (will sell games separately) (titles available upon request)
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    sorry that was my bad, i can't sell the HD nemore
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    what game cube games do you have?
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    elfin buddy


    I sent you a PM about the PowerBook. BTW, what size harddrive is in the PB, and does it have the CD or DVD drive? (MacTracker lists that the bronze keyboard PowerBooks had that option) Thanks!
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    gamecube games: [​IMG]

    simpsons road rage
    soul caliber 2
    harvest moon: a wonderful life
    1080: avalanche
    luigi's mansion
    harry potter and the chamber of secrets
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    How much for the PB, and Shuffle?


    Just sent you a PM
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    shuffle: 75+shipping? still open to offers, not sure how much they go for refurb
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    More pics of imacs: flowerpower = 600 imac
    teal = 400 (busted) imac

    also adding: unreal tournament 2004 for mac w/original packaging
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    trade for the ipod??
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    How much for that 600 w/o mouse and keyboard?
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    How much for all the gamecube games? Also are you parting with your system?
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    not selling the system, just getting rid of the games i don't play anymore

    but for all the games....$5 a piece? so like 35 +shipping costs?

    took a look at wat ya had, sorry not rele interested
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    Even though you said not to asks but, what the hell happened to the iMac with the burn marks? I looks like the speaker blew up!
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    haha ok well a friend of mine is a bit of a pyro, but i was lucky enough to catch him before too much damage was done :rolleyes: havn't let him touch my comps since
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    Price quote on Pikmin, Harvest Moon, and iSight, please.
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    gimme a good price on gameboy sp and shuffle. thanks
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    What GBA SP games you got? Any Castlevania, Metroid or Zelda games? If not, then don't bother listing them for me...
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    I am interested in iSight

    i am bad at pricing items too. but i am interested in iSight.

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