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FS/FT: G3 12" iBook 500mhz 128mb Mother Board *works*

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by OrangeSVTguy, Jan 10, 2008.

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    i have a what's stated in the title, dual usb with firewire. it works as i'm using it right now with an external monitor to list this ad. they go for $60+ plus shipping on ebay plus shipping but will sell to MR for $50 shipped. i will ship usps priority.
    included is the mother board and the frame.

    looking for a 512mb stick for my iBook G3.
    pic added of screenshot

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    What exactly is included other that the board itself? Case parts, VGA adapter etc....?
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    heres some more stuff for the 12" g3 ibook. look at the pic and tell me if anyone needs anything? if not i'll just throw it up on ezbay

    everything works, no speakers in the top cover though

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    hello there :)

    One question... would you ship to europe? Spain to be more precise.

    I have one ibook g3 that the motherboard had a video malfunction, when tried to check if it was a loose cable, i managed by accident to short circuit the part where the charger connects so... i want now a new motherboard but that comes with the electric input also. That if... i might be wrong is in the second picture you have listed there.

    I know that for spain the price of shipping would be different but please if you let me know if you would be willing to send the parts here tell me the price and i could pay via paypal or something. Cause i want to use that laptop again maybe put it in the car for video and audio :D

    the thing i didn't understand is, you took the pictures of it dissasembled when? also does the motherboard works 100%?

    sorry about my english.

    Thanks a lot. :apple:
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    yes the motherboard works. i hooked it up to a firewire hdd and used my vga adapter to see the screen. hooked up the keyboard, trackpad and airport(no reception since i didn't have the antenna) so i used ethernet. also the battery, ac board, dvd drive and it ran without any problems.

    i'll do $55 shipped for the mobo and if you just want the ac board, $15 shipped i don't think shipped should be that much?

    i was just gonna list it on ezbay anyways in a day or so let me know if you are interested. shoot me a pm for paypal info.

    oh and i think i'll be adding a few keyboards and a cd drive and maybe a combo drive as well in a few days for a 12" ibook g3
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    so what 70$ for everything? ok if it works then we have a deal. please verify how much is sending the stuff to here to Madrid, spain.
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    now on ebay for BIN $60 shipped but still $50 shipped for MR members.

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