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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by macbaseball, Dec 25, 2005.

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    I received this movie as a gift, but unfortunately the person who bought it, (My Grandma) doesn't have a clue about looking at details of electronics. For example, she also gave me some software that's for Windows, yet it as a great deal so she gave it to me. Well, anyways, she gave me the Full Screen version and I need the Widescreen version. I opened it assuming she bought me the correct version, but she didn't and now I'm stuck with a DVD that has large black bars on the sides. It's in perfect condition - it's only missing the shrinkwrap and the little sticky piece on the edge of the case.

    Is anyone interested in a trade straight across for the wide screen version (I'll pay for shippping), or would anyone like to buy it for $20 shipped. I would just be using the money to buy the new copy, as I'll probably have to watch it with her when she comes some time next year.

    I can take pictures if needed, but I feel it's kind of pointless.
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    Thank your grandma and look on eBay. That was VERY thoughtful of her; wish my relatives had that much of a clue.
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    Its a really good movie though:rolleyes:
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    Don't get me wrong it was a very good gift from my Grandma. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful here. It was a great idea, but 4:3 would be decent on my widescreen, but I would just prefer that I had the widescreen version. I was just hoping that I could just sell it here and then pick up a widescreen copy. I really want this movie, it's just it could be a lot better.

    BTW, I already sent her a thank you note. ;)
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    I'm sure you're talking about the new version, but the 1941 Hitchcock version was filmed in 4:3, as were all movies of that time.
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    Yeah, they look good on normal TV's, but on a widescreen they look pixelated or there are big black bars on the side. For an action movie, it's much better to cover the entire screen.
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    More like 1.33 since it was film, but who's splitting hairs? Anyway props for a good movie, and full screen should be abolished.
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    I've exchanged opened full screen movies for widescreen movies before. Just go to Best Buy and keep talking to superiors until one of them lets you do the exchange. If you go tomorrow they will probably let you do it just to get you out of the way.
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    Really, but I broke the shrink-wrap, so I don't think I'll be able to get a new one. I guess it never hurts to try.
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    Best Buy has their own shrinkwrap machine thing in the back. They shouldnt mind too much, as long as the disc is in perfect condition.
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    Sold macbaseball my iPod shuffle. I recommend him to others. Good luck with this.
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    I just wanted to say Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an awesome movie. I really liked it. Good luck with the sale, macbaseball. :)
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    Does anyone else have a similar policy. The closest Best Buy is an hour away by car, so it probably would cost a lot for the gas, not to mention 2 and a half hours of my time.

    BTW, thanks Max for your kind words.

    Edit: Just went on the Borders website, and:

    So I'm going to try that, before driving to Best Buy.

    This item is still for sale, so if anyone has interest, please PM me.
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    This item is no longer for sale.

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