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FS:Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS Flash Advance Xtreme Card

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Foxglove9, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Flash Advance Xtreme by Visoly. Works on a Game boy Advance or Nintendo DS. Upload your homebrew gameboy games or applications right to a flash card to play on any gameboy advance or DS, such as the PocketNES emulator. The flash card also has backup ram capabilities and easy drag-and-drop software to get homebrew software from your computer to your gameboy within seconds. Don't like the game, erase it and upload a new one to the card, it's that easy.

    Linker also works via a Parallel port on a PC. Included software is for Windows 98 or higher. OS X software is available though it isn't as easy to use. My ebay name is Foxglove_9, I have excellent ratings.

    Never tested it on a Gameboy Micro.

    - Box and Installer CD
    - USB Cable
    - Linker to write gameboy card
    - 128 mb flash card

    Asking $60

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    accepting trades for anything in my listed sig?
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    Sorry, nothing I could use at the moment.


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