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FS: Geforce4 Ti 4600 Mac Edition 128MB VRAM

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by voyagerd, Jul 18, 2005.

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    I have a NVidia Geforce4 Ti 4600 Mac Edition with 128MB of VRAM that I have to sell in a few days. It's in my parent's computer and I'm going off to college. The card is used but it is is in perfect working order. The ROM has not been messed with; I haven't done any over-clocking or anything on it.

    I'm going to put it on eBay soon if no one wants to buy it on here since I have to leave the 26th of July. The starting price for the card is $80. If you want to negotiate the price, e-mail me at ericliskay@mac.com or IM me on iChat/AIM at startrekdove.

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    Now it's only $80 on eBay. Cheap! :)
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    I'm willing to take offers less than $80 if someone wants the card. I need it sold by the 25th.
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    Someone did a "Buy it Now" on Ebay.. Good Sale
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    Hey! It actually sold wooo! :D

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