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FS: Guitar Hero III Mac/PC Hybrid (with USB guitar) - SOLD.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by fishkorp, Jan 3, 2008.

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    As mentioned in my Blu-Ray player sale thread, I just ordered a PS3 so I can get Rock Band. So I'm going to pick up the PS3 version of GH used off a co-worker. I have no need for 2 versions of it and would rather the PS3 version for the wireless guitar. I did create an online account using the key/license on the manual, but I can call Aspyr and see if that can be terminated or transfered to the new owner. The game and controller work fine and are in perfect condition. I'm asking $50 shipped for the game + controller, or if you're interested in a 2nd Xplorer controller with it, $100 shipped for the whole package (second guitars run $59.99 at stores and are sold out almost anywhere, so they're getting more expensive on eBay as they become harder to find). I installed in Vista and OS X on a 17" 2.4ghz C2D MBP with 4GB RAM and it ran great for me (only playing on easy and medium, not quite good enough to move up to anything harder).
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    So it includes the game and guitar? And this can be played on my macbook? If so, I call dibs. Can you post pics?
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    According to the system requirements it won't work on a MacBook. Integrated Intel video is not supported.

    I can post pics tomorrow.

    Think I have a buyer already. Will update if so.
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    SOLD to me :D
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