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FS: iBook Clamshell Tangerine/Blueberry Hybrid

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by im_to_hyper, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Hey there! I have the following iBook which was put together from various semi-working parts to create one beautiful computer that is one-of-a kind and works great!

    Here is what its got:

    • 300 MHz PowerPC G3
    • 576 MB RAM (runs programs with no noticeable lag)
    • 6 GB HD
    • Original Airport Wireless Card
    • Charger (UFO/Puck Style)
    • Battery that gets 4 hours life! Check out the pics that show 25% charge and over an hour left!
    • Charger - UFO/Puck Style
    • OS X Panther 10.3.9 installed. (Removable upon request as no software disks are included)

    So, then. There is the computer. I could probably Ebay it and get around $400 for it, but I will try here first. Asking best offer in the above $200 range.

    Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    **** post, im full of crap, sorry ignore
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    Well then, one highly probably deal going on here.

    Anything from anyone else? Looking for offers until Wednesday. (Monday if/mostly likely when this other deal goes thru)
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    btw, check your email, your pm box is full
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    OK, the previously mentioned deal isnt really gonna be working out anymore, I don't think.

    So, if you would like, please continue to make some offers. I will Ebay this Wednesday or Thursday night if there is nothing exciting.
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    do you have any references?

    235 shipped?

    thats as high as i will go...
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    Ebay UserId: ehilgart (110 feedbacks -- do a search for me there)
    PayPal: take my Ebay ID and add an "@charter.net" and I am a 42+Verified Member.

    Also, one example on the forums here: iPod mini I sold.

    Let me know if you wanna go thru with this! If anyone has a higher offer, let me know!
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    I just bought a 17'' iMac g5 and a 1ghz alubook so I'm in negative money until the end of this week. Go ahead and sell!

    Or wait until next monday when id be completely open to paypaling the money to you.
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    OK, I'm patient.

    So then everyone, here's the update: this is going to Winstonp next Monday unless someone else decides to buy it for more.
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    Did you have to get a replacement screen or something?
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    Yeah, the old one was a bit... non-functional. I think it looks pretty sweet, though now that the two are together :D

    BTW: I didn't do it myself, I would have messed something up, probably :)
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    If you didn't do it, who did?
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    A Certified Apple Tech -- can't think of his name though. SimplyMac is the name of his store.
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    I have a local deal pending for $250 from my Spanish teacher.

    Winstonp... (and others interested) I will keep you informed of what is going on. I will know by Monday what she wants to do. If anyone else has an offer, go ahead and post it :)
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    What is the status now?
    I might be interested for under $300. Payment via paypal.
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    Alright... as of now, my Spanish teacher WILL be buying this from me on Monday. If she doesn't bring a check, I will let you know.

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