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FS: iBook G3 900mhz, 40gb, Combo, 384MB, AirPort

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Sutekidane, Jul 23, 2005.

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    I've decided to upgrade to a 12" powerbook g4, and I don't need this system anymore.
    it's a:
    -900mhz G3
    -384MB of ram
    -40gb hd
    -AirPort card
    -12" Screen (no dead pixels, looks good)
    -Fully working battery (I've gotten over 5 hours of battery life)
    -Power adapter
    -Original software + tiger and ilife05 installed.

    Okay, heres the specific things about the condition. The unit is very worn out, the trackpad, keyboard, casing, and everything are very worn, it's missing a rubber foot, the batter is from an older non-opaque ibook (but works great), outside and bottom of casing has many many scratches. Power adapter is a bit damaged, but works.

    Now, regardless of the above, the machine works flawlessly and always has. I've had no issues with it, not even a kernel panic. The unit is pretty cool running and the battery life is great (one of the reasons I've held onto it).

    I'm looking to get $400+. Shipping will be extra. I'll consider any deal, so send me PMs. This little computer is a great workhorse and has never failed me. I can ship worldwide, but shipping price will vary. I can only accept PayPal for payment.
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    Would you be willing to trade for the Quicksilver that I posted for a trade?
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    Would you be willing to trade for a PC? I have some relatively well-specced PCs I would be willing to trade.
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    I'm not really interested in PCs, sorry. I really need the money to help pay for my powerbook, and I don't really need anything else running windows... Thanks though.
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    Naw, I'm not looking for any more computers. Thanks anyway.
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    so you can ship to the US or to Europe, but not to Canada? what's up with that? I might be interested, but apparently I'm outside your coverage zone.
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    I'm sorry, I can ship to canada. I usually avoid international shipping due to the higher cost, but I've become a bit experienced with it, so, yes, I am willing to ship it worldwide.
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    Private Message sent.

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