FS: iBook/Powerbook combo dvdr cdrw drive

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by California, Jan 6, 2008.

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    I've got a fresh pull from a great condition iBook 1.33ghz 12", its oem combo optical drive. Great condition. 16 bucks in person in Los angeles, I guess 20 bucks shipped priority mail.
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    Hey thanks.. is it a form factor?
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    does anyone know if this would fit in a DVI TiBook G4?
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    I'm pretty sure they are different.
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    No, it TOTALLY WILL fit into a Tibook. It is actually a faster optical drive (in recording speeds) than the Tibook's combo drives, as I recall.
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    will it fit my ibook g3 12" or my ibook g4 12"? does it have the white faceplate and is it slot load or tray? i'm in the LA area :D

    paypal ok?

    also do you have access to it for parts? i need the hinge off that thanks

    oh wait i don't think it will fit the g3 and looking at mine, the g4's don't need the faceplate and is slot load
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    Hi, it is slot load. However, I have heard rumor that you can actually install it in an ibook G3 and just have it sort of look ugly but work. It's the drive only, obtained to put in a Tibook, btw; no other iBook G4 parts. (may have a 1.33ghz 12" trackpad, now that I think of it, but no hinges.

    If you are in LA, cash is best, Paypal nickles and dimes us. Come get it! (In the S Fernando Valley)
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    thanks, i used to work in van nuys but not no more so i think i'd rather pay $6 for shipping. i'm in san bernardino county :D

    but yeah, that's the dvd burner right? mine just has a combo. pm sent as well
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    Combo drive= cd burn, dvd + cd read
    super drive= dvd + cd burn and read

    so no, it doesnt burn dvds.
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    oh :(
    i just saw DVD"R" in your title and automatically assumed sorry.

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