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FS: iMac and PC

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by JasonElise1983, Nov 15, 2004.

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    i've posted these before and the sells fell through, and i ended up not getting the computer i wanted, but i finally got a new computer and they are up for sell again. Here are the specs

    iMac G3
    500Mhz DV (indigo)
    768Mb RAM
    OSX (10.3.6)
    16Mb Rage
    20Gb HD

    Compaq Presario 5000T
    1.5Ghz P4
    1Gb RAM (SDRAM PC133)
    120Gb HD (Barracuda 7200RPM 8Mb Cache)
    64Mb Nvidia GeForce4Mx w/TV-out
    TV-Tuner Card
    12X CD-burner
    15" CRT monitor (will not sell with out the monitor)
    Windows XP Home (but when i reformat i will reformat with Pro)

    i want around $650 for the pair, so deduce what you want from that on how much each one costs. Once again, i will not sell the PC without the monitor.
    Thanks in advance, i had a lot of luck selling my last PowerMac G4 on here. You can PM me on here or email me at jason@athomearkansas.com

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    might want to put your location somewhere.... shipping a computer is pricey enough, but a CRT monitor... almost out of the question
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    Oh, i live in Little Rock, AR. I really don't think it would cost too much to ship. I will take that into account on the price if anyone is interested, though.
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    nobody interested? I'm not real firm on that $650, i'll take offers on either one. And if someone really wanted the PC without the monitor, i might go for it, depending on what they offer. Oh, the iMac comes with your choice of an Apple Pro mouse or an MX500. the PC come with a microsoft optical mouse of some sort and it also has a FireWire card installed. Thanks again
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    How much do you want for just the iMac?
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    Make me an offer, or email me and i'll tell you, but i don't want to post it on here. And just to be clear, i am selling both computers seperately, not as the pair. I just listed the $650 price because that is what i would actually want for the pair of them.
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    The iMac has sold. I still have the PC if anyone is interested. The specs have changed a little. It no longer has the 120Gb HD in it. It now has a 20Gb maxtor drive. The computer comes with the monitor, an MX 500, and a Visioneer scanner. I am firm on $300 + shipping. I've never had a problem with this pc. Never even had a virus or had any problems with spyware or anything like that. Thanks

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    Wow, i can't believe no one wants my PC. I know this is a mac forum, but i really thought i could sell lit here. Well, still hoping.

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    Two reasons why I won't buy it:
    1 its not AMD - AMD is the best Processor company out there (besides IBM, IBM is number 1). Intel... more like Wintel doesn't even make quality processors with 64-bit quality. They are still in the 32-bit era. THey think they can major the market by getting people to dump their 2 week old PC just because 2 weeks after they bought it the whole computer industry went to 64-bit.
    2 AMD Is 64-bit enabled, it has enhanced virus protection and it just runs faster in the long run. Even with a GB of RAM in the P4, AMD still runs better even if it only has 256 or 512MB of RAM. AMD is just that good, I've converted one of my friends at school to use AMD processors instead of P4. I've tried to give him and others the low down on HT Technology, that in the long run it makes things slower, but they don't believe it. Well, thats my 2 cents and two reasons.

    Sorry, this was just to let you know why I'm not buying it. Cause I proally would buy it.
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    I don't think those are valid reasons in this case. This guy is selling a budget machine w/ monitor for $300. At that price, you aren't buying top of the line in performance regardless of the manufacturer. You won't be able to get a 64-bit processor at that price no matter how you slice it. Also, your reasons against HT are not applicable because hyperthreading isn't even available in that model of processor.
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    Try craigslist.

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