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FS: iPhone 8 Gig [Phone trade with $200 or $325]

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by Hummer, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Hey you guys.

    I have no money at the moment so I'm selling my iPhone which I believe will get me the fastest money in the fastest amount of time.

    The iPhone comes with:

    • Original Charger
    • Original USB Cord for charger and computer hookup
    • Original Box
    • Belkin Case (has crack in the right hinge cover that was caused during cleaning, still works just fine though in protecting the iPhone and isn't noticeable at all)

    There is no documentation as I lost it while rushing to open it because after opening my iPhone and throwing the instructions to the side I haven't seen them since. Also I have headphones but I'm not sure if you'd want them. (Who wants used headphones anyways?) They fell on the subway floor after me trying to readjust my bag and I haven't worn them since, but I have cleaned them with rubbing alcohol.

    The front of the iPhone is immaculate. The back of the iPhone has a little bit of scratches from its one and only fall on the first day I fail to use my case.

    I am taking $325 + shipping for it (your shipping option). Or I will consider taking $200 with an ATT phone as I do need to replace my iPhone as soon as I sell it.

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    What kind of an AT&T phone are you looking for? Anything fancy? I have a Nokia candy bar phone with a leather case/belt clip.
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    I do need something with QWERTY input and email. I'm looking for something worth about $100.
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    Hi there. If you can be a little flexible I have an AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8310 I'm willing to trade plus the rebate I got for the BlackBerry. The rebate is worth $100.

    Please respond if you're willing. I can negotiate.
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    Where in the US are you at? Hey I have a razor and a slvr phone, the razor has scratches from use and stuff but works perfectly fine, the SLVR is extremely clean both only had one owner, myself, the SLVR comes in the box with all the stuff for it and in case you dont know the SLVR has itunes on it so you can still play your music on it.
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    I can give you a a unlocked Motorola Rizr in the box with everything, I use it on At&t, and $175 for the phone?
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    I'll give you the razor and $200 or the SLVR (like new, and has the itunes) in the box for a little less cash.
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    325 shipped and paypaled???

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