FS: iPhone, PSP games, Klipsch speakers, iBook, Portable DVD player and More!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Frozonecold, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Just when you thought I ran out of **** to sell, I surprised you with MORE ****!
    This is the new list o' ****:
    1: Epson Stylus CX4800: This is a multifunction high-performance printer. It scans, copies, prints, and faxes.
    2: Gameboy Advance Silver Limited Edition: OMG GBA, thats right the greatest handheld gaming system of the '90s is back for revenge.
    3: Action Replay for GBA: for all your cheating needs.
    4: SOLD Spyro 2: Season of Flame for GBA
    5: Apple Headphones: new
    6: SOLD iPod Shuffle 512MB w/ APPLE protective case
    7: iPod Nano gel-case for 1st or 2nd gen Nanos: you know the case for the cool slim nanos.
    8: Atari Flashback: because all the games not on this thing suck! 2D generation rises again!
    9: Radio Alarm Clock: This is one of the last good alarm clocks ever made. The new fangly ones suck next to this relic of the 80s and 90s. It is also in pristine condition.
    10: iBook G3 900mhz: The serial number is #UV1523C3LLN. It has a bad display backlight and no power brick, but it works.
    11: SOLD Sims 2 for DS
    12: SOLD Simpsons Road Rage for PS2.
    13: The Palm Pilot: no, not just any palm pilot. THE PALM PILOT.
    14: Oregon Scientific Credit Card Camera: this thing is ****ing small
    15: 1GB Ram 667mhz PC-5300: 2 x 512 MB sticks works in Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iMacs, and Mac Minis
    16: SOLD Genuine Leather iPod Case: fits iPod classics and 5th gen iPods
    17: Adobe Photoshop book designed for CS2, but the information is all relevant in CS3.
    18: SOLD HACKED iPhone 8GB small hairline scratch near the side of the screen. Only visible in light.
    19: PCI wireless g adapter for desktop PCs
    20: Spyro series for PSone.

    This thread has ended, so please ignore it. I will post more stuff soon.

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    More Picture

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    How much for the iPhone?
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    Name your price, I am open to offers.
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    lol it's really touchy with the way some people think unlocking makes it worth a lot more. I don't want to lowball though... do you have a range you're looking to get?

    Also are you interested in any trade, or trade + cash?
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    I am looking for cash, I am not sure of price range. Please make me an offer.
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    Refurb 8GB is going for $349, I can do $285 w/ the scratch.... perhaps because I'm a starving college student. :) I apologize if that's a lowball
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    I think that is a little cheap considering it is just the glass screen protector. When the device is in use you cannot see the scratch in most conditions. I will post a pic. You could always use a screen repairer like this http://www.1800mobiles.com/lenspolish.html. Give me some more time on the photos. I cannot get a good shot w/o lots of reflection.
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    Yeah, I figured you would think so. Worth a try though eh? :)
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    Are you located in USA? If so, I'll give you $15 for Simpson's Road Rage and Sims 2 shipped.
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    $15 + shipping and you have a deal. I am in the US, what is your zip code?
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    How much for the iBook? I had one for my son who is eight and the dreaded GPU problem reared its ugly head. I stripped down every part from the computer to sell on eBay but if the back light is the only issue I can replace it.

    Lowest price? PayPal?
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    I have paypal. Please PM me an offer. I want you to make me an offer.
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    Payment sent for Simpsons Road Rage and Sims 2 games. :)
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    As requested here are the pictures of the leather iPod case. It is a Sumo case: aka high cost, high quality.

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    PMed you an offer.

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    I'll buy the Spyro 2: Season of Flame. Sent PM
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    Here is a picture of the book.

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    how much for the shuffle?
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    $20 + minimal shipping.
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    what color is it? my soon to be wife has been looking for one
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    if you look at the picture you will see that it is white
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    Thank you, I suggest that everyone checks out the pics and details before they ask questions.
  24. PMB
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    How much for the ibook?
    How much for the iphone?
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    $120 for iBook and $320 for iPhone. You can PM me offers though.

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