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    I have a iPod Shuffle mint conditon, barely any scratches. it has been in the Apple original water resistant case since it was first used. The iPod Shuffle comes with the Apple original sport case (original price $29)
    and the USB wall adapter (original price $29) but no iPod ear buds (boken) your geting it for $100 shiped.

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    Would you sell just the sport case? PM me if yes. Thanks.
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    Do you live in a cave?

    Would you sell the Shuffle without the extra accessories?
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    I'm interested in the USB charging brick

    e-mail me at bradley[dot]haveman[at]hope[dot]edu
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    the whole thing 100 shipped or give me an offer.
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    HAHAHHA.. i dont live in a cave close though..
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    Dark side of the moon? Without the flash those photos would have been completely black. Would you entertain a trade?
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    If someone offered, yes I would.
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    i can offer $40 without any accessories.
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    I would love to buy just the Shuffle, please PM me if you'd consider that-

    Thanks, Steve
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    Is the shuffle & accessories still available? Thanks!

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