FS: iPod Video 30GB Black WITH Contour iSee Video Case

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by dwd3885, Jan 7, 2006.

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    I have decided to get a 60gb iPod instead of the thirty, so I am selling my week old, barely used iPod Video Black 30gb. I also bought a Contour iSee Video case that is brand new with a belt clip, a $35 value!

    You will get the ipod in its original box with headphones, dock connector, cable connecting iPod to computer. Everything is here, just as if you bought from Apple.

    This is less than two weeks old and is in great condition, NO SCRATCHES! I put the case on the minute I got the iPod.

    Any questions, feel free to pm me. I'm looking for $290 shipped

    heat is dwdty9, ebay id is dwd3885

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    250 without the case?
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    I know I'm going to get yelled at for thread crapping, but why not just exchange it?
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    you're not thread crapping. i would have to send it back to apple, since it got it online. i already bought the 60gb and i feel since these things are hard to come by now, i might as well let somebody else get one for cheaper than they could otherwise.

    250 is a bit low however, even without the case.
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    okay, how about 260? i believe that was the price that nospleen sold his for a week or 2 ago

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    Oh I get it. Well that's an awesome deal, but I am buying a 60gb tomorrow.
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    i can take out the isee case and offer it for just $260 shipped
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    i can go lowere. 260 w/o case
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  10. adk
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    Wow, way to gouge on that shipping. Hopefully you'd give a shipping discount to any MR users.
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    I am going to Buy it Now, is this okay? any price cuts like 5$ off shipping for a MR member?

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    please don't post comments like that. besides, ebay has fees and such so that it would only be the same for me. and since reception here was lacking, i thought i'd put it up there.

    It's $335 value. If paying $300 shipped is a bad deal, I am sorry. Good day to you
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    Sorry, it was just my rude way of asking if you'd give MR a shipping discount.
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    No. I put it on here, and nobody US obliged

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