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FS: iPods, TVMicro, and anything else i can get rid of!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by EHUnlucky7x9@ao, Jun 14, 2007.

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    I'm selling what i can find that I have no use for and I can use the cash.

    2) Gameboy Micro, games, and charger - $55 shipped




    3) Black Nintendo Gamecube, 2 ctrls.... Pending

    4) Dreamcast, 1 ctrl, massive memory card, 1 game.... $25 + shipping

    Anyone have any interest in a Canon ZR60? $25 shipped?
    The viewfinder shows a blurred picture and it doesn't want to playback a tape, however the mechanisms and parts are fully functional. The LCD is fine and the viewfinder is fine. I believe the CCD has been damaged. The rest of the parts of the ZR camcorder will be sold separately as parts.

    Battery - $25 each shipped
    Power adapter - $25 shipped
    Remote - $10 shipped

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    Here are the photos of the iPod Mini. I just found out that it has a new battery installed. I have to find the bottom cover. But it comes with the iTrip and the CD, it comes with the original belt clip for the iPod mini... and it comes with a tough skin mini cover with a detachable belt clip.
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    20Gb U2 iPod just sold.
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    4Gb iPod Mini sold.
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    I'm interested in the Belkin router. But could I get some more information. Is it like many current wireless routers that is also has a 4-port switch built in?
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    Pictures of the Belkin router:




    You can see the model number there and you can search it in Google. It's just a regular router, but its loaded with DD-WRT so it acts as a repeater. Well i had used it to be a repeater. It was also a temporary wireless bridge between my Xbox 360 and my Wireless G network.

    I got rid of all 3 routers that i had because i switched to the wireless N from Apple... but i don't know how to make it allow WDS with my 3 routers... so i just gave up and sold em and this is the last one of the three i have.
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    I'll take the router, please PM me your paypal information.
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    Belkin router sold.

    Sale pending on TVMicro
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    TVMicro has been sold

    Parting out ZR camcorder....

    Throw me offers on the game systems. I'd really like to get rid of them.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I got the ipod mini from EHUnlucky7x9@ao and it works perfectly and was packaged great. Highly recommended seller. Thanks again!
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    I purchased the TVMicro and received it yesterday. It was in its original box, and just like new. I would do business with EHUnlucky again. Thanks for the good transaction.
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    Adding a Gameboy Micro with games and charger and carry pouch for the Gameboy Micro. $55 shipped, paypaled, and tracked.
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    Pictures of ZR Camcorder are up and the parts.

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