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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by yg17, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I'm selling it because it's about an inch too small for my 15" pb, but held my old 12" iBook just fine. It's about 2 years old, but honestly, does not have a lot of use so it still looks new. I really only use it to take my laptop between college and home every other weekend or so. Therefore, it's in great condition. It can be used as a messenger bag, backpack or can be carried with the handle on top. $30 shipped obo, paypal and money order. Thanks
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    This is the same bag that I use for my iBook, and I love it. It's totally awesome, very rugged and roomy. Good luck with your sale!
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    Price reduced. $30 or best offer
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    Take money orders? VERY intrested.
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    Can I see some photos? Especially of the inside. Thanks.
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    Yes, I can take money orders.

    Photos will have to wait until Monday. I went home from college for the weekend but left the bag in my dorm. However, the only camera I have is a camera phone, so the photos will be pretty bad.
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    Just wondering if either of you two (or anyone else) are still interested before I put this up on eBay.
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    still have this?
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    Yes I do.
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    would you take 15 shipped?
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    No, that's way too low considering shipping would be close to 10.
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    Anyone? I'll take 25 shipped
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    I'm still interested, and I'm still waiting on photos. :rolleyes:
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    These are all I have for now. If you'd like any more photos, let me know.

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    mxlews, still interested?
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    Nah, I think I'm getting one in a trade. Thanks though.
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    After cleaing up my room a bit, I realized I still have this. Make an offer. Now I just want to get rid of it, so I'll take any reasonable offer.
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    A trade for a 10GB IDE HD, Nike Sport FM Radio, and/or Apple earbuds? I've got some other stuff, and cash too. I hope we can work something out. :)
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    Sorry, not interested in any trades
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    I might do $25 shipped, give me a few days to think about it.
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    OK, thats fine.
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    Would you be able to do $20 shipped? :eek:
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    Sure, shipping it shouldn't be too expensive.
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    Alright great, please PM me with an email address to send the PayPal money.
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