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FS: Mac Mini 1.25ghz + iSight $550 OBO Like NEW

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by BillHarrison, Apr 5, 2005.

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    As the title says, everything in perfect condition with all packaging. Free shipping.

    Was going to use as an HTPC, but its just not gonna work out for me, I did try!

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    Bump and price reduction, has to go, first 500$ paypal gets it with free shipping! Mac Mini 1.25ghz, like new, and iSight, like new!

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    How much would you want for just the iSight (shipped)?
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    I would prefer to sell as a set, as I don't need one without the other.

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    PM sent
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    Does the mini have a Super Drive?
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    It is a stock base mini. No bluetooth, superdrive, or airport. Works great, clean, no blemishes. All packaging / software / etc included.

    Wanted to use it as an HTPC, but its not gonna work out for me. So I want to sell it.

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    Last price drop, I really need the $$ to put together my HTPC.

    450$ paypal gets it shipped to you, come on guys, this is a great deal for a like new mini and iSight!

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    PM Sent.

    Do you have any seller references? Can you send me pics?
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    have you attempted any modifications or is this a stock Mini (ie overclock?)
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    Stock mini. Read up on the overclock, seems worth doing, but im not keeping the machine, so i don't want to mess with it. I liked it alot, but my main use is HTPC, and it just wont do what i need it to. Sad to say, but pc's are way ahead in this area, one day i hope i can make the switch, its just not time yet.

    I am always on the bleeding edge, and unfortunately bleeding edge tech just doesnt come for macs.
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    sent you a pm
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    Would it be bad form for me to ask, in this thread, what it lacked for you? I'm curious about using it in some form of HTPC, too. Thanks!
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    pm sent
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    Doesnt bother me, and its my thread, so who cares!

    Lacks in software basically, hard to do some things i want to do. I am sure its coming in time, and i feel the machine is capable. Problem 2, I am a long time pc user, so i have a big pc investment, and making things play nice with my windows pcs just was not fun, as windows media center made things very easy. For a daily use pc, i was loving the mini, but thats not what i got it for, and it wont do what i need in the htpc area. I may try again next year, but im kinda thinking i need to go all mac, or not, and this mixed environment was just causing unneeded headaches. I love OS X, and the mini is an awesome little computer, but for an htpc, when i want the least amount of computer to be seen, the software for htpc's makes it much easier.
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    OK, anybody wann'a spilt this?

    First post (but longtime lurker with 60+ postive ebay transactions ((bombbuster1)))

    I'll go $85 shipped for the iSight if someone wants the mini for the difference (365+ shipping.) Anyway, can Paypal ASAP as soon as someone let's me know if they completed the transaction.

    Just bought a Rev. D 15"AL 1.5G with the Superdrive. Was pleasantly suprised to see that they offered this at the Apple store here in WI (Mayfair.) Thought it was only a BTO option.

    Lemme' know. :)
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    Bobr, that's a really interesting offer...

    I think the only thing holding me back is that if I get Bill's Mini, I have to pay $129 for Tiger...if I wait for two weeks, I get Tiger with my Mini. So for me, this deal would add $129 to the $365 you propose...

    Sorry, I'm not threadcrappin...this is a very intriguing deal (for everything for $450), but Tiger's probably holding me back.
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    Cmon guys, thats one hell of deal to pass up, thats like 200 or so off retail
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    OK....I'll go more for the iSight

    OK, I'll go $95.00 for the iSight. Up from my previous offer........
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    If I can get some pictures of the computer and some references, I will purchase the Mac Mini for 350.

    e-mail me at bradley(dot)haveman(at)hope(dot)edu

    I have several references from MR, and my ebay ID is debroglie867

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    PM sent to ya bobr

    Quick question: Can you add ram to mac mini yourself without voiding warrenty?

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    Bill, the deed was done...
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    Bobr, whereabouts in WI are you?
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    Excellent deal. Excellent Seller. As advertised....what a computer!

    I am one happy camper right now see ----> :D :D :D :D
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    Glad your happy with your new computer. I really enjoyed using it, but it really just was not what i needed right now. I hope to move back to the apple world, but probably not for another year or so. But ill definitely be lurking the boards, go apple!

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