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FS: Macbook C2D 2Ghz 2gig Like New

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by adrake86, Jun 6, 2008.

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    $650 shipped?
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    I got an offer for 700$ but he is over seas and I don't want to spend half the money I make on shipping.
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    Well, I just purchased that same laptop without the extra gig of ram for 600 off craigslist from another student. So.. I'd say about that, but you can get about 800 on ebay (since I sold said laptop for 850 after i took it off his hands - i only needed it for a few weeks for a project i was starting)

    I'd be interested in just the apple keyboard though, not sure if it would add much value to your computer sale anyway.... :) 35 shipped to 61801?

    Let me know :)

    Ebay the computer (right now... lol have it end before monday!) if you want the most for it, otherwise 650 around here would probably be it.
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    I offered to you 700$+ shipping so, please, don't tell you would spend the half on shipping because I would pay for it.
    I got today the macbook I bought from ktbubster! ;-) Thanks
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    Is this the one with the super drive or the combo drive? I remember them being updated around this time last year.
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    I think it is the combo drive it just says MATSHITACD-RW
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    I will personally vouch for euphoric. He was easy to deal with and the money was sent immediately from paypal over 3 weeks ago and he gladly covered all shipping costs and i didn't have one problem :) Shipping from 61801 to his address was just under 50.

    Still interested in the keyboard though if whoever buys it isn't....... :)
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    still 4 sale
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    I'll give you 650 shipped to 61801 for the whole lot.

    Let me know.
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    650 shipped
    to 77845?

    pm me
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    oh man lol ill be a dare devil

    lets do 675?
    truthfully thats basically as high as i could go:[
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    I got an offer for 700$ if u can beat that u can have it.
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    i pmed u back.
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    added a bunch more pictures
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    still for sale. :D:D:D:D
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    does not have applecare or extended warranty. you don't need it it is a mac.
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    what is the cycle count and health of the battery? you can find out by downloading iStat
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    i'm interested. check your pm's
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    not true. macs break all the time.

    im sure most on this forum have used their apple care one time or another.
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    I've had good luck. Once in 1999.
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    so anwayz still for sale.
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    I'm a little confused. What are you asking for the macbook?

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    sold for 800.

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