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FS: Macbook pro 2.4-4gb apple ram-200gb 7200

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by uNext, Jan 1, 2008.

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    I want to see what this computer would sell for.
    I just recently purchased it about 2-3 weeks ago
    but i need more power so a desktop will fill in the gap for me.

    It is the 2.4ghz santa rosa model
    with original samsung ram 4gb total
    seagate 7200 200gb hard drive.
    an expresscard 18 in 1 media reader.........

    What is the price i can sell this or what are your offers? What would be a reasonable price?

    Originl packaging and software (tiger and leopard)-ilife 08 etc.

    2300 for this laptop.-I will include a wireless mighty mouse and adaptek expresscard 18 in 1 reader.
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    Geez, I dunno. $2600? That sounds about right to me. Nice monster!
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    What size screen?
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    15" led lcd sorry
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    2300.00 maybe 2400.00
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    Maybe $2000
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    Personally, I'd go to eBay with it before Macworld if you're set on selling. That's where you'll make the most money at this point. Offers here will probably be reserved or lower than they should be because everyone here is well aware of the Apple event and the possibility of upgrades.. eBay, not so much.
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    I am selling this beast for the low price of 2300 hundred bucks

    [mod note: on that basis I'll rename the thread as FS. It would be advisable to edit your original post with the price added]
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    Part out the 4gb ram for 2gb OEM samsung + cash?
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    is it still up for grabs?

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