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FS: Miglia AlchemyTV PVR PCI card for Mac G4/G5

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by DougTheImpaler, Jul 12, 2006.

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    That's the card. See the attached picture, and you'll see you're getting everything - both of the coax connectors (which appear to be separate just for the purpose of quick-swapping, not sure...they're identical), the audio passthrough cable, the remote receiver and the remote control. Not pictured but also included is the CD, but there's a newer, Tiger-capable version on Miglia's site. It sells on their store for 58GBP, which is about $105 with today's exchange. I don't want nearly that much...more like $40 shipped, because it *is* used. It's a nice card and reviews can be had on the net...I've just discovered that my beige G3 with the XclaimTV in OS 9 does everything I need it to...this does extra stuff like scheduled recording (hence the PVR in the name) but I don't need anything that powerful.

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    What were you running it in, and how did it perform?

    I'm thinking of sticking it in my PowerMac (Sig) with a gig of ram, but it's closer to the lower end of the Reqs.
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    It ran fine at 400MHz/100MHz bus but occasionally the sound would lag behind the video with standard quality. At 1400MHz, I had all the image quality enhancements cranked all the way up and it used about 50% CPU.

    Your 133MHz bus might help, the extra 66MHz definitely would help.

    I've had two offers on it. If neither go through, I"ll post back and let you know.

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