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Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by janitorC7, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Yes, I am actually doing this on here.

    I need to sell my iphone in anticipation of the 3G iPhone. My Phone just came from apple today, and still has a plastic cover on it.


    I live in Los Angeles. Local Sales are preferred, give me some offers.

    Its New, but I will post pictures none the less when I can.

    I am more than willing to Unlock the phone for use on any network

    I'm willing to accept any reasonable offer, but am looking at $350 +


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    psst... change your title. some ppl may get confused and think it's the *new* new iPhone.
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    I'm not interested in the phone, as I already have my own soon-to-be-outdated iPhone. ;)

    But I had to comment on your avatar. Scrubs is my favorite TV program of ALL time!

    Awesome show.

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    haha, I might just change it to Unreleased iphone for sale :p

    yes, it is a great show
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    Read the marketplace rules...

    You dont have any prices listed, I have NO IDEA which iPhone you are selling, 8GB or 16GB. And again the price?!

    Ill offer you 200 bucks for the 8GB though :p
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    wow, I really am tired...

    I'll update, but sorry, I cannot accept that price for a new, plastic wrapped phone. thanks for the offer though.

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    Is this still available?
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    Is this plastic wrapped still, I assume when you mean you will unlock it that involves a pair of scissors to the shrink wrap?
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    Do you accept trades? I would trade you my 16GB iPod Touch for the iPhone. If you wanted, you could then sell the iPod and make more money than you would selling the iPhone :p
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    I'm willing to give you 200 euro for it.
    But too bad I'm in the netherlands..
    maybe shipping it??
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    Is this SOLD or ?

    Is this SOLD or ?
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    Are you shipping to the UK?

    If so, I would be interested.
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    PM sent

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