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FS: NIB iPod Mini

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by verozov, Sep 15, 2005.

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    For sale: Brand new second generation silver iPod Mini 4GB, never opened still in shrinkwrap. I got it during the "buy an iBook, get a Mini" Apple campaign, but I already have a blue one and obviously don't need 2. I would like check or money order, but if necessary PayPal could be done (I closed my old account and would have to open another). PRICE: $150 shipping included (continental US) O.B.O.... would like to sell quickly

    i have pics if you would like but i can't figure out how to insert the (the insert image button doesn't seem to work) i could email them, however

    NOTE: i did have to cut out the bottom serial number square, but only so i could get the rebate from apple. the serial number is on the ipod, and i made a copy of the piece i cut out.


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    trade for the iMac in my siggy + cash?
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    I am willing to trade all these items for your ipod mini:
    1.) A brand new WD 200gb sata 7200rpm HDD
    2.) A brand new 300watt powersupply with sata + pci-e connectors
    3.) A used, and unknown condition radeon x800 pro 256mb video card (99% likely it works as I bought it from a reputable ebay seller for $142, I just don't have a pci-e motherboard to test it out with).

    All these items I was planning to use to upgrade my pc, but I ended up not bothering after learning about the difference between pci-e and agp slots (ie I would need a new motherboard, which doesn't cost much, it's just I would need to know how to install it, or pay the $80/hr labor charge at the local pc store to install it for me).
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    Sorry, I already have enough computers.

    Sorry again, don't have a PC, don't need to upgrade.

    I'm really looking for the money.

    PRICE LOWERED: $155 shipped
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    did you unshrinkwrap it to cut out the upc..or did you just cut off tha area?
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    i'd be willing to trade the 10GB ipod in my sig with all the accessories, original box and a leather incase
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    I just cut off the area where the UPC label was. If you're interested I can send you some pictures.
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    what about the offer i gave you a couple posts back?
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    Would you trade for a Gamecube with 9 games and 3 controllers?
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    sorry, i'm really not looking for another ipod since i already have one

    sorry, i already have a PS2 and am not looking for another game system
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    $160 shipped to the UK?

    How much do you think customs will be? About £10/$20?
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    i could do it international if i sell it to you for $150 and you pay any shipping/customs etc... i've never done any international selling before, how would you pay?
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    Paypal, I suppose. How much do you think the delivery will be? It can't be that heavy. I think the customs charges will be quite high though. I wish I lived in America, there are so many good deals here from people in the US. Mini's are still going for £130 on eBay here.
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    It may depend on the country but I've been told a couple times that designating the item as a gift eliminates any additional taxes. I've shipped to Canada a few times now and Italy once.
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    if you'd like i could look up how much it would cost - just give me a zip code.
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    Sorry to resurrect an older thread but just wanted to say that I received the iPod today exactly as it was advertised. Thanks!

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