FS: NIB Sealed Apple TV 40 GB (Montreal, Canada) - **Sold!**

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by queshy, Jun 7, 2008.

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    For auction/sale is a brand new, sealed 40 GB Apple TV (Take 2). I am located in Montreal, Canada.

    I will entertain all reasonable offers. Paypal only.



    How much do you think this will cost to ship, approximately? (to US/Canada).

    It's $249 new, so I'm willing to go $215 shipped.

    Edit: Now priced to sell! $185 Shipped!

    Edit #2: Sold to cliffrouse11bas.
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    Sorry, but I will have to reject your offer. Thanks though.

    I'm willing to go as low as $185 shipped.

    Thanks for looking everyone!
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    Is it possible to play MKV movies on the tv?
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    You can stream from your iTunes library, correct? I have over 100GB of movies stored on an external HDD, would the aTV hack allow me to stream all of these over my wireless network to the tv?
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    I may be interested, PM me so I don't loose track of the thread.
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    Sorry, I've never used an ATV before and don't know anything about the hack. Maybe try posting in the ATV forum?

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    This item has been sold to cliffrouse11bas.

    cliffrouse11bas sent his payment via paypal almost instantly after our agreement. Great doing business with him!

    The package will go out tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for looking, everybody!
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    AppleTV received in brand new condition sealed. Perfect communication. Would love to deal with again. Thanks

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