FS: Older classic games, all OSX compatible

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    Time to clean out the collection again. All items will work in OSX, though you may need to download 3rd-party updaters. You should not need Classic installed to install any of these games, and I've tested them in OSX Tiger. All the CDs are in great shape, and I have manuals where applicable.

    Quake 1 - $6

    Quake 2 - $6

    Both - $10

    (Quake 1 and 2 are hard to find for Mac these days, but still popular online! Updater includes files necessary for Action Quake 2 and mission packs.)

    Aliens vs. Predator Gold - $6

    Red Faction - $6

    StarCraft + Broodwar - $6 (Blizzard is still updating this highly popular game. I've never used the B.net account, so it should work fine)

    All games here - $32, includes s/h in Cont. US

    Shipping can be combined, but I try to keep rates as low as possible. So, for one or two items, it will be $3. For more than that, $5. I can ship overseas if you're willing to pay a little extra. As always, PayPal is the preferred method. Interested? E-mail me: deagol@mac.com
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    MoH sold, pending funds.
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    Prices dropped, added package deal.

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