FS: One month old 1.6Ghz/80GB HD Macbook Air

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by fuzzielitlpanda, Jun 11, 2008.

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    I originally bought this off ebay brand new and sealed, but now that I have finished school, I hardly use it anymore. It was only used for about a month during my finals. It has never had any core shutdown problems like some other MBAs you have read about (I stress-tested the machine to make sure of this). The MBA itself is in pristine condition. With it will come the original packaging and all the accessories/documentation/dvds. Not only that, the MBA will include the following:

    Full Invisible Shield installed (top, bottom, wrist area, trackpad)
    iSkin clear keyboard cover
    Belkin vertical sleeve

    My asking price is 1480 shipped OBO via UPS w/ tracking + full insurance. I am accepting paypal as payment. I will add lots of pictures later today. Here is my seller feedback on ebay:




    the little black dots you see are some type of debris that is stuck on the invisible shield, so it's protecting the mba like it's supposed to =). you can always remove the IS if you don't like it.



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    As a student I can buy a new MBAir with an iPod Touch and printer. With my student discount, and after selling the iPod and printer, my total cost comes to about 1300. Could you do 1350?
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    1400 shipped?

    Where are you located?
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    that's great, but it wouldn't be worth my time to go through all that trouble if i were in your position. sorry i can't do 1350 shipped

    sorry i can't do 1400 shipped at the moment. i am located in san jose, ca =)
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    What do you say that, since we are both North-Bayians, you knock $1525 off the price?

    25 bucks.

    I'm not gonna lie, that is a pretty good idea. :)
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    ^^Hah if any locals are interested I'll knock $50 off.
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    Adjusted price 1480 shipped gets it all!
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    Trade for 15 inch MBP 2.16 intel core 2 duo?
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    sorry not looking for trades at this time =)
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    may be interested, let me see if i can swing it
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    sure no problem just let me know. for all potential buyers, if payment is made early enough, i will ship it out same day, if not next day at the latest :) also, some of my selling history has been referenced in the original post.
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    Still interested. Just sent PM. Where you at South Bay? :cool:
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    I no this is a major low bal but would you take 1000 plus shipping
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    yes that is a very low offer. i sold it for 1460 local pickup.

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