FS: PowerMac Dual 2.0GHz, 2.5GB RAM, Tiger

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    Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5
    2.5GB DDR400 SDRAM
    160GB Serial ATA HD
    16x SuperDrive - Pioneer DVR-109 (double-layer)
    Three PCI Slots
    ATI Radeon 9600 - 128MB DDR video memory
    Mac OS 10.4 Tiger

    I purchased this system earlier in the summer, and I have not used it nearly as much as I expected. It is in great condition, and covered under the Apple one year warranty for 304 more days. I did not enroll the system in AppleCare, but you will have plenty of time to do so if you purchase the system. The additional 2GB of RAM is from datamem.com and works perfectly.

    Price: $1700
    Shipping: ~$80 w/ insurance

    Any offers are welcome, although I am not interested in trades. Buyer pays shipping. I will be happy to get a more concrete shipping price if you PM me your city and zip code. Feel free to check my eBay feedback here. Payment must be made via PayPal.

    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. :)
    Mike O'Neill
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    ah so nice
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    oh hell i wish i had that kinda doe i would buy it iam in dallas right now too, anyways a free bump for a great machine!!!
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    Trade for my PowerMac:

    1.8 Ghz, 1.25gb ram, x800xt video card, 80gb, 19 inch proview monitor.
    After effects installed. I will give disks
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    Sorry, not interested in trades. Thanks for your offer though.

    Mike O'Neill
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    why would he trade his sweet dual for your single with less ram and HD space?
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    He was probably hoping due to him offering a better video card and a monitor, but still falls a little short.. ;)
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    willing to ship to canada?
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    Yes I tought about it but:
    Not a big deal if you import the G5 in Canada
    1780 USD = 2080 CDN
    Taxes (15.025%) Quebec = 313 CDN (I don't know how much in Ontario)
    Brokerage fees = + - 100 CDN

    Total: 2493 CDN and you will surely want to use an escrow service so add more $$$.

    Apple Store Canada is selling the dual 2GHz for 2499 CDN with free shipping
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    That shouldn't be a problem, just e-mail or PM me your postal code so I can get a shipping quote for you. Do you have PayPal, by the way?

    Mike O'Neill
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    that is a real sweet deal.

    would you consider a 24 year old kidney in fair condition?

    good luck with the sale, someone should snatch this up quick. its a great price with all of that ram.
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    drools... Must find money... crunched over desk counting pennies under desk lamp. Thats a good deal, I would get it if I had more then the $40 I have in my wallet.

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