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FS: Powermac G3 B&W

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by invaLPsion, Nov 5, 2004.

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    The specs are as follows:

    300MHz PowerPC G3
    512K L2 Cache
    6 Gig HD
    192MB RAM
    Ati Rage 128 w/ 16MB VRAM
    4 PCI Slots
    4 HD Bays
    4 Ram Slots
    Mac OS 10.2.8

    The computer is in fine condition and is surprisingly snappy in running "Jaguar." The price is currently $155 plus ship (around $20 - 25) with a free Apple Pro Keyboard (and mouse if I can find one.)

    It is also a "clean slate" for those looking to upgrade.

    Pics will be posted upon request. :)

    Please contact me through MacRumors as I would prefer not to use my email. :)
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    does that include shipping cause i just bought that same model off of ebay for $150, plus $40 shipping. :confused:
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    Wow you got ripped off on shipping. It doesn't cost nearly that much... :eek:

    I've shipped one of these to Canada for cheaper...
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    He really didn't get ripped off that much. After all, the tower weighs 30 lbs.

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    Price lowered to $165. :)
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    Update: Price Dropped to $155.

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