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FS PowerMac G4 350mhz OSX.3.8 iLife '05

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by theranch, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Hey all...
    I'm selling my first G4 PowerMac 350mhz. I have the OS all up-to-date as of last month with 10.3.8 and installed iLife '05. I have two hard drives installed one 10gb and one 30gb plus 640mb ram. There's room for upgrades with the open pci ports.
    I have more info in my listing on e bay:

    Thanks for checking it out.
    The Ranch

    Compare this listing to a similar machine:
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    from Ebay ad

    "Airport Ready"

    Are you sure?
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    You need to include the discs for iLife, etc. if you're going to advertise them.
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    Who said I wasn't?
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    I respectfully disagree.

    Airport cards were only an option on Sawtooth models.

    There is no physical slot for any "Airport" card, in a PCI PowerMac.
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    I know it's an auction, but are you interested in any trades?
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    how about that

    Damn... I thought there was...I never looked to see that there wasn't. I support various machines at work and some are close to this model which do support an airport cardso I thought that this had the same ability. Oh well...
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    no trades

    Sorry...not interested at this time. I just want to turn this into cash to put towards a new machine. I have a 17" powerbook so I'm not in a rush.
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    Would you be able to ship...

    via Fed-ex ground or any variet of USPS?

    I do not do UPS, but would like to bid :)
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    Yeah...I would do FedEx if necessary but why do you NOT do UPS? I'm the one choosing the shipper.

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