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FS: PowerMac G5 single 1.8ghz

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by imaduro, Jul 19, 2005.

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    2 months old G5 (10 months left on warranty) comes with mouse, keyboard, original box, original cds and manuals(recovery cd comes with panther and ilife 05), original tiger update dvd that came with powermac. $1200 local or $1260 shipped Prefer transaction trough paypal. Specs and pics below......

    -G5 single 1.8ghz
    -256 mb ram
    -80 gb HD
    -ATI radeon 9600 xt (128mb)
    -Super Drive

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    wake up dude!

    Dual 1.8's are selling on Apple's website for 1399
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    You are wrong, There selling for 1499.00 know what your talking about before you speak :D Cause the single 1.8 is going for 1300.00 on apples web site.
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    This is a single 1.8.
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    budaaple I am assuming your having a bad day, so check your facts before posting, don't like the price pm me and we'll work something out if you're interested. Have a good day because I am having one :)

    BTW cheapest site I found so far was on price grabber $1499.00
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    Will ship for $1260 or local pickup $1200...again powermac in mint conditions and 10 months left on the warranty. Thank you.
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    In the apple retailer where i work, we just sold a singal 1.8 with 768mb of ram and same other specs for 1250CAD
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    Again the powermac is new and I got it for more than that straight from apple (check pics).... again pm me if you want to talk about the price. thank you.
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    pm'ed you
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    pm replied.
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