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FS: PS3, PS2, Wii Games and Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by hockeysc23, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Hey Guys,

    Looking to sell the following games. Open to offers:

    Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue - $27 Shipped
    Rainbow Six Vegas - $30 Shipped
    NHL 08 - $25 Shipped

    Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith - $15 shipped
    Kingdom Hearts 2: $15 Shipped

    Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix: $25 shipped
    Zelda Twilight Princess: $30 shipped

    Babel $18 shipped
    Superman the Movie (new in plastic) $20 shipped
    American Psycho (new in plastic) $20 shipped
    Patriot (new in plastic) $20 shipped
    Hart's War (new in plastic) $20 shipped

    I am willing to make deals if you buy more than 1. All games and DVDs will be checked before shipping to ensure good working condition. Most games were barely played as I just don't have the time anymore.

    I have references if necessary would prefer money order to paypal. But am willing to accept if you pay the fees.

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    Lowered prices and am open to offers. I want to move this stuff.
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    I'm assuming GTA5 Prologue is Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. PM Sent!
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    I would love a few of these items but no way am I sending a money order or paying your paypal fees.

    You some great prices but my guess is the money order thing is a deal breaker for most.
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    Don't understand why it would be a deal breaker. It is a convienant form of payment for both parties that has a lot more security than paypal and doesn't hurt the seller through fees so he can sell at his lowest price.

    I'm willing to accept paypal and we can negociate fees if you are buying more than 1 item and im sorry you feel that way about my payment methods.
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    If you get other Blu-Ray titles PM me. Thanks.
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    Superman (Blu-ray) for $18 by Paypal
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    nhl and star wars, 30 shipped incl. paypal fees?
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    $20 plus pay pal fees?
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    Just a suggestion:

    I don't know what the big deal is about the PayPal fees. On your most expensive game it would be $1.17 ([30*.029]+30 cents) if paid with a credit card. A money order will cost you $1.00 plus .42 postage. It's not worth arguing about with potential buyers. You already lowered the prices to hope they sell, why didn't you just adjust them for the 3.9% loss in fees (1.17/30=3.9%) and leave off the one liner.
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    Gran Tourismo 5 Prologue=$20 shipped? By the way, charging a person more for paypal fees is against paypal policy. you can charge a total amount price (with or without shipping included) and that's it. One standard price, bottom line. adding a fee because you are accepting paypal as the form of payment is not allowed by paypal.
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    Still want to buy this game, please contact me again.

    Zelda Twilight Princess:
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    Is GTA5: Prologue still available? How about 25$ shipped?

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