FS: RAM, Airport Cards, Video Cards, SCSI, KB's, Mice, ETC

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Lucky736, Dec 17, 2005.

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    1GB PC4200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM. Like New. Great upgrade for iSight iMac G5.
    1GB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM. Like New. Intel iMac, Mini, MacBook, & MacBook Pro.
    256MB PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM. Like New. Intel iMac, Mini, MacBook, & MacBook Pro. 2 Available.
    TiBook DVI 1280x854 LCD. Excellent condition with low low use.
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Edition. 128MB DDR RAM. AGP 2x-8x. Does work in 2x AGP Macs.
    Apple Pro Mouse. White.
    Original Airport Card Adapter. I think iMac G3's used these.
    Adaptec APD-29160N Mac PCI multi SCSI Adapter.
    IBM Ultrastar DDYS-T36950 Ultra SCSI 10k RPM Hard Drive 36.7GB.
    Apple 10/100 PCI Ethernet Card.

    ***All products are in new or like new condition. I am very good about keeping things in great shape.***

    ***I have had good dealings on these forums with a # of people, and also on E-Bay, my name is Lucky7366 on E-bay.***

    ***I accept Postal Money Order or Certified Cashiers Check for payment. I do not accept Paypal, sorry. I had a bad experience and refuse to give them a chance to duplicate it.***
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    whats the price of the 512mb PC133 desktop ram?
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    There is no 512MB PC133 Desktop RAM listed.
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    the ati 9000? price?
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    Ballpark on the Aiport Card w/o documentation?
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    Shoot me an offer via PM. I ended up using this one less than 2 mos. :(
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    Looking for 80 shipped. Might possibly be sold. Waiting to hear back from someone from late last night. Lemme know via PM if you'd be interested and I will keep you posted. Looking to sell this stuff ASAP. BTW the loose airport card was used less than 3 mos and the boxed one less than 1 month. Unfortunately I paid the premium and now am ending up not needing them anymore. :(
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    i still have that 512MB PC133 desktop stick if your interested.

    are the video cards mac or pc?
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    "512MB PC133 Notebook SODIMM"

    If this will work in an 800mhz iBook G3, I'm VERY interested!
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    Video cards are genuine Mac. No flashed anything. :) The 9000 has ADC and DVI. The Geforce Twinview has ADC and VGA. :)
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    Definitely works in a G3 iBook. Crucial brand. Lifetime warranty. Used less than a few weeks.

    PM me.
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    PM'd you!
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    Loose Airport Card is sold. :)
    512MB PC133 SODIMM is sold. :)
    Apple Pro Keyboard Black is sold. :)
    1 256MB PC133 DIMM is sold. :)
    ATI Radeon 9000 AGP 64MB is sold. :)
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    Lucky736 is a great person to talk to and deal with, he's very courteous and understanding :).
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    Very much appreciated. :D
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    Agreed. Hopefully I can deal with him again soon :D
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    Plenty here, step right up. :D
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    Added 256MB PC133 RAM.
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    How much for the mouse?
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    Price for the Airport Express? New in Apple Stores $120, Refurb on Apples site $99.
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    New is 129.99 plus tax. This was literally used once, boxed up, and then I started not travelling anymore so have no use for it.
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    RAM gone.
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    What is still avail
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    Everything listed in the original AD is still available. I am deleting items as they become unavailable, so whatever is in the first FS post is still available. :)

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