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FS: RARE Mac OS X "Tiger" Dashboard Mousepads

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by LimeiBook86, Nov 21, 2005.

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    SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who got a chance to pick one up! :D

    What I have here is a lot of rare, hard to find, Apple promotional mousepads. These Mac OS X "Tiger" Dashboard mousepads are in very good condition. I have about 20 of these rare items that I would like to sell. I was planning on putting these on eBay but, I know a lot of you guys here might like them.

    So I'll offer the mousepads here first, at a lower price too, and if there are any left over I'll have them on eBay. My asking price is $25 each (shipping is extra but shouldnt be too bad within the US), MissingBite is selling them for $30. So if you get them from me you save a bit of money and will help me pay off my school books and software. :D This would make a great holiday gift for the Mac fanatic you know!! :)

    If you want one you just have to PM me. This way I can deal with people at a first-come-first-server basis and it'll be easier for me, if you reply in the forum it's harder for me to keep track of buyers. :)

    I accept PayPal, a Check, or Money Order. I will ship inside the USA, if you live outside the USA PM me and we may be able to work something out. My user name is "landpm" on eBay, you can check out my good feedback there.

    Pictures are below. On the bottom of the mousepad it reads "*Apple Logo* Dashboard. Where there's a widget, there's a way. Mac OS X Tiger". The mousepads are about 8 inches wide, the penny is not included it's just to show the size :rolleyes: The mousepads are ultra smooth and provide great tracking for optical mice ;)

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    How much for shipping? Or is it included? :)
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    I got a couple of these mousepads from limey. They're great quality and a really nice collectable for all you mac addicts!
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    Sorry shipping isn't included. They shouldn't be too much at all to ship within the US. I shipped two of them to CA and it was a bit less than $3 shipping. :)
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    i got one
    look great on your desktop
    go limey
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    Pirce drop to $20, that's $10 less than Missingbite.com is offering!

    In response to some e-mails, yes this is an official apple mousepad and not some rip-off or home-made thing. :)
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    Come on nobody wants one?...*pokes thread*:rolleyes:
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    I would bite if it was $20 shipped ;).
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    PMs sent :D
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    Ooooh... if I needed a mouse pad, I'd bite on $20 shipped.

    Hrmm... well guys, do I need a mouse pad? I'm using my Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse on a desk, and it tracks all right, but could be smoother?

    hrmmmmm *looks at wallet*
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    i think so, i am using an mx 700 wireless one, and it would be smoother on a pad.
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    i have a logitch wireless optical wireless mouse
    and im using one of these mouse pads
    its ultra smoothe
    never would use it again without it
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    Wow, you guys all have fancy mice. I have some OEM Optical Logitech, it's great for me but, it's nothing compared to your mice, I feel left out :rolleyes: Maybe if I sell a few of these I'll buy a nice mouse (although I need to pay off those darn school books) :) ;)
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    Do you still have it for sale?
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    Yes! I still have about 16 for sale. These are going pretty quick so if you want one shoot me a PM to confirm the deal.

    Thanks :D

    EDIT: Make that 15
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    I use my MX1000 with this mousepad and it does make it seem smoother. I had it right on my desk before also.
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    Of course they are smooth, it's AppleSmooth© haha ;)
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    I got one of these for free at CompUSA. I asked how much they were and they just handed me over one :)

    Really nice mouse pads :D
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    Will Cheyney

    I wouldn't mind one, but I just don't see the point in mouse pads!
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    Unfortunately I've come down with a soar throat and a cold all in one day. One day I'm eating turkey, the next day I'm sick as a dog. So I might be a bit sluggish getting things in order, especially those who have requested information about international shipping, which I guess would be $10 or more just for shipping costs. I hope to get to the post office on Saturday if I'm feeling up to it.

    I have to get better by Monday because I can't miss school, they have an awful attendance policy...Sorry for any delays but, I'll do what I can, as fast as I can.
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    Will Cheyney

    Aww! Get better soon!
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    i will trade you the classic Apple stickers i have for sale, and i can offer possibly a DVD or 2. please pm me ASAP

    here is a link to what they look like, i can possibly add 1 more (total of 3 sheets) for a direct trade!
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    I think you forgot to put the link.
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    He PM'd me so it's alright :p :)
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    I got my mousepad today, and it's in great condition, I would recommend this seller 100 times over, great to deal with! :)

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