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FS: Refurb Silver iPod Shuffle (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Eidorian, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I don't use this little bugger anymore since I've switched over to biking instead of running.

    I sold off the Apple headphones ages ago. It's just the iPod itself and the charging station. I bought it 2-3 months ago.

    $25 shipped.
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    thinking of getting one for my mom who has expressed interest in them but not ready to commit to the full price. Do you ship it to Europe? If you also already know how much it is to ship, great ;)
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    The last time I shipped to Europe I believe it was $12-16. I'd rather not ship it internationally unless I have to. :(

    I can check tomorrow (Tuesday, -4 GMT) since I have this week off of work. You'll probably be best off to PM me an address for right now.
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    Great, it would rock if you could. It's even one of the colors she liked, so it's really cool how it works out. You said it was 2-3 months old, so it must still be under warranty right? and I can get the warranty transferred to her name from yours, to be covered?

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    It's still under the one year limited warranty and I haven't bought AppleCare on it. I'm still a little unsure on how to transfer the warranty. I don't remember registering it under my name since it was refurbished and not an education purchase.
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    could you do $20 shipped to 10027?
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    $23 and it's a deal.

    One more thing. I'd prefer PayPal.
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    yep, deal:)

    pm me your paypal info

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    payment sent, thanks again:)

    part of mom's bday gift
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    great seller! fast ship, ipod perfect! highly recommend!!!

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