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Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by Daedalus256, Jan 2, 2006.

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    I have a bunch of stuff that I just plain don't use anymore. It's perfectly good stuff I just don't need/use it anymore. Here's what I have.

    PC Parts:
    NVidia Geforce 2 Pro 64MB AGP 4x Graphics card
    Intel PRO 10/100 Ethernet Card
    Motorola 56K Modem
    Belkin AeroCruiser USB Scroll Mouse

    I think that I have some more PC Parts, I'll add them as I find them.

    Next up is my previous computer before I upgraded to an Athlon 64 PC. I had some interest with it here before but I have no idea what happened.

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ "Barton"
    Asus A7N8X-E Deluxde nForce 2 Ultra 400 motherboard w/ MCP-T southbridge
    1GB Kingston Hyper-X PC2700 RAM
    Allied 400W ATX PSU w/ SATA Connectors
    Gigabyte (ATI) Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB
    Raidmax Gaming Case w/ Side window and 2 case fans
    Maxtor 20GB 7200rpm IDE Hard Drive

    It's a great system. Please note that it does not come with an optical drive since I moved the CD-RW/DVD-ROM into my new computer. Make me an offer on it. (((SYSTEM SOLD)))

    PC Games:
    Heavy Gear
    Unreal Gold
    Star Wars: Jedi Knight Dark Forces II
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
    No One Lives Forever
    Ground Control

    Other Crap:
    Red Gameboy Pocket: Has a few scratches on it
    USB Cable for an LG VX7000 Phone
    Red Hat 9 For Dummies w/ RH9 Install Discs
    Atari 5200 "Supersystem" with a ton of games and three controllers

    Make me an offer on this stuff and we'll probably be able to work something out. If you need feedback. Well, I've done a ton of shipping on SomethingAwful's forums and I've also done some Ebay stuff. Look me up at jmc1985. I'll get pics of whatever upon request.
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    Very interested in the Atari. Can you take some photos?
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    Sure I can grab you a couple of shots of it. It works perfectly, only problem with it is that the back cover or whatever isn't on there. That's how I bought it. Nothing that really affects performance, just cosmetic.
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    how much for all the games? will you take trades?
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    I'm sort of interested...have any pictures & and asking price? :D
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    Uh make me an offer/what do you have to trade.
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    I *might* be interested in the GeForce 2. How much do you want for it?
  8. adk
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    Sort of interested in the USB cable for the VX7000, were you actually able to use it to transfer data to the phone?
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    I have a driver CD for it around here somewhere and I believe that yes, you can. I know that the USB cable for my Samsung A670 works flawlessly.

    As for the GF2, I'd like something like $25 shipped for it.

    EDIT: Lowered GF2's price.
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    I'll pay $20 for it, no more.

    If that's too low for you, no biggie :)
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    $20 shipped is cool by me. you can paypal daedalus256@gmail.com when ready.
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    What is the AGP and Ram speeds on the motherboard? If it is AGP 8X and PC-3200 (DDR-400), I'll bite
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    Like it now says in my post, the system is now sold but thanks for the interest. :)

    EDIT: And of course it's AGP 8x and PC-3200, it's an nForce2 Ultra 400.
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    Still waiting on those photos... :)
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    Right-o. I've been busy with RMA'ing crap and selling/buying things so I'll get those very soon!
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    Cosmetic problems: Missing back cover (visisble), some scratching on the silver thingy doo (visible) Last time I booted it up I played Joust and Space Invaders into the night. The power and cable connectors are both permanently on the system. Comes with 10 games (9 pictures, couldn't find Pole Position and just found it) and I'll include a cable switch so you can switch between your cable connection and the atari.

    Because of the cosmetic problems I'll probably be letting it go for pretty cheap.
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    Eek, too scratched up for me. I'll take a couple games though. I'll PM you with what I want and you can reply with a price and PayPal address. Thanks.

    Edit: What games are there?
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    alright well because the atari is kind of banged up. I'll let it go for like $35 + shipping. That includes all the controllers, the cable adapter and whatever games lews doesn't take.
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    I might be interested, willing to ship to europe? If so how much to madrid spain 28010, will it work on a pal tv?
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    I have no idea if it'll work on a PAL tv. It is an american system so it may be NTSC only. If you'd like I could ship it to europe but for like $20 more or something.
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    my friend mentioned wanting a data cable for his phone, and i think its a vx7000, how much would u want for it?

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    dunno, $5 + shipping?

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