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FS: Some stuff.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by amacgenius, Dec 10, 2005.

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    FS: Plethora of Stuff

    I'm trying to pay off an iBook, so I need some spare cash, I've got a few items for sale, and I take PayPal only, and I'll ship UPS or USPS (depending on the item) and send tracking number.

    I'd like to sell this stuff before Monday so I can ship all of it at one time.


    • PowerBook G4 Rechargeable Battery
    (Only lasts about an hr, haven't used it a lot, original box) $65 shipped ($129.00 new)

    • Madden 2004 (PS2)
    (Case and Manuals) $10 shipped ($50 new)

    • Soul Calibur II (PS2)
    (Comes with bonus DVD, case and manuals) $20 shipped ($50 new)

    • Soul Calibur II (Xbox)
    (Case and manuals) $10 shipped ($50 new)

    • Mobile Monitor 5.4
    (Screen to use a Gamecube in a car, or elsewhere) $50 shipped ($149.95 new)

    • Apple BT Keyboard
    (Kinda dirty, easy to clean though) $45 shipped ($60 new)

    • MadCatz Xbox Controller
    (Great condition, transparent green) $15 shipped ($20 new)

    I have references here on MR, and on eBay (link is in sig) once again, I'd like to sell everything or most of it by Monday. Thanks!

    Pictures: (Can take some more if wanted)

    Battery: Pic
    Gamecube Monitor: Pic
    Madden '04: Pic
    Soul Calibur II (PS2): Pic
    Soul Calibur II (Xbox): Pic
    MadCatz Controller: Pic

    List Updated: Dec 16th, 2005
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    walkman may be of some interest to me
    i'll let you know this weekend some time
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    Updated prices (made them a little cheaper :)) and added links to some pictures.

    Once again, US shipping only, PayPal payment (I'm verified) and have references here on MR and on eBay.
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    Pm sent...I'll take the iPod charger and mousepad.
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    Replied, also added a Wacom Tablet and Xbox controller.
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    Dibs on the Airport card.
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    Sent you the info but no response yet...
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    Sorry, somebody else is interested, if he doesn't want it you can buy it.
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    Airport Card SOLD!
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    i am interested in the pad
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    You're third in line, there's two other people before you :p.
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    make me the fourth for the mouse pad
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    You got it.

    I would have sold it to you, but no Canada shipping this time, sorry. Also, I was only joking about the "line".
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    I am posting here to highly recommend amacgenius has a great seller. i have bought stuff from him in the past and hes great.:)
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    Got the camera yet?
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    Anybody interested in the remaining inventory, I can ship next day :) some of the leftovers would be good christmas gifts for somebody :).
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    I got my mousepad! It got here is 3 days...that was fast! Thanks. :D :D
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    interested in socom II. still there?

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    I can even send it out today by 6PM ET if you want it.
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    ok, i'll buy it

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    Item in original post are still available.
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    received socom II and it works great. thanks amacgenius

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    That GameCube screen is a good deal. Wish I had a GameCube to use it for. :cool:

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