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FS/Swap: Unlocked 8GB Apple iPhone with Apple In-Ear Headphones

Discussion in 'iPhone Marketplace Archive' started by Kardashian, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Hey Guys,

    Title says it all, really.

    Ideally, I'd prefer a straight swap with a 16GB iPod Touch.

    iPhone is in 9/10 condition, with a small scratch to the rear - nothing serious and barely noticeable.

    I'm on eBay as well, with lots of positive feedback, and have made sales here.
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    I might be interested.

    Where are you based? I'm the UK and have a perfect 16GB iPod touch.
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    I'm in Aberystwyth, on the coast of Wales. So yes, I too am in the UK.

    I can confirm it is totally unlocked, with all functions working.

    I've been living in Australia, and travelling New Zealand and have used it in both these countries with no faults.
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    im not exactly sure if youre uk iphone is the same as a us iphone
    but if it is i would be up for a straight swap.

    i have a 16gb ipod touch jailbroken 1.1.3 and covered with an invisible shield since day one.
    let me know.
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    It is the same.

    People used to import US iPhones and unlock them for use in the UK.

    So basically, it will work fine.

    PM me with postage arrangements.
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    I have a 16 GB iPod touch, pretty much brand new only used once to check that it functioned correctly. I am based in Epsom (Surrey, England), so unless it has already been traded would you be interested? It is running 1.1.4 and has (the legit) January Software Update.
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    we currently have a deal in progress.
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    Alan Taylor

    I'd like to register my interest in this if the current deals fall through - Basically I'm ready to go if you are :p

    alan.mrpinchy [at] gmail.com

    I have good eBay feedback if you need to see it. iPod is in excellent condition - I baby my Apple gear!
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    All the above offers have fallen through.

    If anyone is interested, PM me or post here.

    Thanks :)
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    How much were u after for it,whats the ebay link i am a bit weary though as i have just been scammed via ebay!
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    Its not on eBay - I was only providing my ID so that people could see I am trustworthy.

    I'll be listing it on there later for £180 shipped, with case.
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    This is the eBay link.

    Knock £20 off if you're from Mac Rumors.
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    Hey i have an itouch 16gb no scratches on screen, like 2 minor ones on back. Have case and invisishield on it. I don't know if it is too late since you put it up on ebay. My itouch is also on ebay but i can cancel if we agree. The thing is i live in the U.S. If you have no problem give me pm. I have many feedback in ebay 98.6 percent ( got ripped off one 1). It is jailbroken and i bought it april 10th of 2008 so about 2 weeks old. Let me know thanks!
    Here is the link to my itouch auction:
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    to everyone here, Forum posts and PM's - I should have stated sooner that I dont want to ship outside the UK.

    Thank you anyway and good luck with your own deals/sales. :)
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    Sale closed, pending payment.

    Please discard thread.
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    Alan Taylor

    If the sale does not go through please PM me - I will pay £190 shipped for it.


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